Thursday, March 7, 2013

If You Have To . . .

Ok, so for Christmas, I splurged on some really thick, really large, monogrammed towels for each member of the family from Frontgate. I am really sick of washing loads and loads of towels so in a way, it's a bonus gift for me too (this family has gots to learn that a towel can be used more than one time, I mean seriously folks)! These new towels are so yummy, cozy and I could just stay wrapped in them all day.  I had read a decorating tip that you should only have white towels. You can always bleach them, they will go in any room and will match any decor so now we own four wonderful white towels and about 20 towels from Colonial Times. Honestly, they are not that old but some are from when I was in college. Needless to say, those are going, going, gone, soon.

When I bought the towels,  Frontgate had a special that with a certain purchase amount, you got a $100 gift card. BONUS! Well, I got an email reminder from Frontgate that my gift card was expiring soon so I finally looked at it and realized it expired on March 1. Time for some shopping.

Originally, I was going to order this (I know, not glamorous) but really want to get the three recycling bins I have off the ground. Problem was, the three bins we already have are too small for this holder and would not work. Bummer. Next . . .

My husband picked this outdoor clock out. I really like it too and we ARE busy fixing up the backyard (uuhhh, make that, I am busy fixing up the backyard!). Problem is, this would cost us another $100 plus S&H. Next . . .

We have double front doors so I have always wanted a LARGE front door mat and I really like the looks of this one. Problem is, this would have cost us another $79 plus S&H. Next . . .

We like to entertain (especially in that almost-done backyard!) so we decided on the Durachille Beverage Dispenser so we all can "get our drink on". It's a beverage dispenser that "lets you mingle more and spend less time tending to drinks. Two separate ice chambers, one suspended in the reservoir and a double-walled chamber in the base, keep drinks ice-cold without any dilution or messy condensation" (Frontgate's words and photos).

One of my favorite things is to know that there is a little goody coming in the mail for me! Well looky-looky what arrived yesterday.

This is where the ice goes. It's really well made and
will come in handy out by the pool with the acrylic jar - no breakage!
I think it will be perfect for water and fresh cukes & lemons
or lemonade with a mommy kick!
We can't wait to use our new beverage dispenser and are even happier that it only cost us $16.95 (S&H). Now to finish the backyard, but that's for another post!


  1. I volunteer the Griffins to help you initiate the beverage dispenser!

  2. Deal! We just need to add mulch and spruce up the backyard a little more and we will be ready for guests!