Thursday, March 21, 2013

Storage Cleanup Happening . . .

Ok, so one of the things that I really LOVE about my house is that it has a ton of storage. We live on the water in Florida so our house is three-stories. The first floor is garage, a playroom-turning-craftroom, and a long storage area. Love, love, love the storage area. We moved to our current house from a house built in 1925 so we were lucky to even have closets, if you can call them that. One of the first things we bought for this house was shelving for this area to store all our holiday/extra items (remember: I am a more-is-more person!).  A few years back, I had my G-T-G (Go-to-Guy) build heavy duty shelves throughout 90% of it. Over the years, I rearrange it and move things around but want everything off the ground.

This is what it looked like most recently -

This drove me absolutely batty. I do not like having to move items, to get to another item. It is annoying and a waste of time. Imagine how long it would take me to get to something on one of those shelves - freaking forever, in case you were wondering.

So today, with  my current mindset of "getting things done", decided to start tackling the craft room/storage area. And, I am proud to say, here's my
progress  . . .

Not a bad after, if I do say so myself!
This is all that little miscellaneous household decorating/serve ware
items you "might" use. I will be going through and getting rid of stuff
I haven't used in the past couple of years but now that I can see it,
items will be used more frequently.
In the drawers are my faux fruit and flowers for decorating.
In a perfect world, I always opt for fresh but in Florida,
items don't stay fresh for long.
This wall is the back of the built-in shelves in the craft room. I decided to
put some nails in the wall and hang some of my front door wreaths.
(Yes, I am hoping to replace those Fall wreaths before the next Fall
but you never know so I am not getting rid of them yet).

This is at the end and is more of a craft corner.
The plan here is to put holiday items for crafting that I will
do over the summer or on a rainy day.
Let's see how this works but it sounds very
Martha, doesn't it???
I also store all our Gator goods because you never know
when a tailgate is going to break out!

So this was today's project. It took awhile but I am happy to say, every random holiday piece has found it's way back into the right box. My husband (the little elf who happily, willingly, with a smile, hauls all these boxes up and down the stairs - if I compliment his muscles, he's not as crabby about doing this!) would like me to label and number all the boxes. He thinks, and I agree, that it might be easier for him to put boxes away if I number them.  I just might do that, but that's for another post!

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