Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hang On . . .

Ok, so I have finally gotten one thing done. Now it's a little something but it clears out four drawers that I can use for something else! Yeah me!! I hung all my tablecloths and table runners. Now some people might ask, why would you do that? Weren't they comfortable  shoved in the drawers, getting wrinkled and forgotten about (kind of like my behind - get it?? Ha, ha!). Well, I never used them, one because out of sight, out of mind, and two, because who really wants to iron them?? 

So moving on, I was inspired by this . . . 

I like this but think it would be hard to get items in the back row.
This is perfect. It slides in and out and the tablecloths hang in the direction I want
but I don't want to spend a lot of money (I know, that's a first!).
So, here's my solution . . . 

Isn't she lovely?
 Probably not what Stevie Wonder had in mind.
Here's the pants/tablecloth hangers I used.
I like them because they are open-ended and can fit wider tablecloths.

I added a tension rod (that I already had) to hold the hangers. I made sure it was super tight and had to use a hammer to whack it into place. Perfect.

Then I hung the tablecloths/runners and the tension rod fell. Whoops! So me being me, I just put a small screw under each end of the rod and presto, bingo, it works and I have four free drawers and wrinkle-free cloths!

One more look at my pretty! Now, what to do with those four drawers?? Can't wait to show you but that is for another post!


  1. That is genius! I could do that in my hall closet where I currently have 5 million boxes of slides. Now, if I could just get all of those slides turned into jpgs-but THAT is for another post...or two... or ten!!

  2. Thanks! I figured it was cheaper than buying that cool slide rack. I have actually used two different tablecloths since I put this together now that I remember I have them! Can't wait to organize those drawers now.