Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break - Part Deux

Ok, so for our second day in Paris, we decided to do something different. We headed to the Marche' aux Purces St-Ouen de Clignancourt, that's just a fancy name for the most famous flea market in Paris. Needless to say, us being our typical selves jumped in a cab and took off to the flea market. I loved going through the neighborhoods of Paris and seeing parts you would never see on your own. Now I am not a typical flea market person but put Paris in front of it and I literally was going gaga! 

So many stalls, so little time.
This was our favorite stall. If I could have gotten it all home,
I so would have! 

This was our special purchase as you might remember me blogging about it last summer - my Parisian pediment. We had to hire a van to take us back to our hotel because it would not fit in a regular cab!

Is this safe?
Love this shot!
So after subjecting my girls to hours of wandering the flea market (and mommy drooling), we decided it was time for a major treat! We headed to Angelina's (of course, after dropping the pediment off at the hotel). Angelina's is a must-dine tearoom known for it's amazing desserts and more importantly, not their tea, their hot chocolate!

That's one satisfied, delicious moustache!

Caramel apple goodness!
This raspberry macaroon makes my head spin!
After indulging, we decided to take a walk and head to shopping in the Place Vendome. Rich had an appointment to have a shirt made (something he has always wanted to do) and then we hit more stores looking and oohing and ahhhing at all the rest of the fancy stores. 

All that window shopping got us thirsty and we decided to head to the Ritz Paris to quench that thirst (The Ritz Paris is currently closed for two years for renovations so I am glad we made it there).  

The girls at Hemingway's, a bar who-know-who frequented
and even ordered champagne for everyone when the war ended.
Do you like the roses attached to the side of the glass?
Believe it or not, their drinks were virgins!
Luckily, we were able to take some photos before we realized you
weren't allowed photography! Hemingway's served snacks with
their drinks, nuts, homemade potato chips and
basil-infused olives. I am embarrassed, and proud
at the same time, to say we had our little snack tray
filled at least five times!!
An amazing floral display with two cute girls!

We dropped the girls back at the room and then hubby and I took a stroll. We had a glass of wine at a little cafe and then picked up Nutella crepes for the girls. All-in-all, another great day in Paris!

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