Friday, March 22, 2013

Bathroom Decor . . .

Ok, so I am so happy that I have been getting things accomplished this week. Next week is spring break and while we are not taking a trip (I have to admit I am THRILLED to be at home this year and just hanging out), I know I won't be getting much done around the house because the Mom's Limo Service will be running 24/7! The older the kids get, the more they want to be out of the house and with their friends (Wonder why? They think I will put them to work - which I will!).

So back to another To Do being Ta Done -

My new Pottery Barn shelf and towel rack,
not to mention the cool canisters.
This is what it looked like when I took it out of the box.
Fun, right??
But it wasn't that hard to assemble and boy, is it heavy.

You mount this to the wall first and then the large piece slides on.
This way you can easily move it from left to right, or reverse.
Then you screw the bottom to the wall so it is super stable.

My youngest shares the bath with us (until her sister moves out) so that's why there are three towels hanging. Each of us has a hook to hang our towel so we don't use each other's by mistake AND they have a chance to dry and be used again. Right now, this system is working great (check with me in a month)! So I am still playing with the decor on the shelves and having fun looking for the perfect accessories. When I cleaned out the storage area yesterday, I found a few things I liked so I brought them up and  . . .

Here's version two -

Not in love yet but will get there.
Just playing with the accessories to get the right look
and then will change out photos.
Thinking a nice beach shot here, maybe black & white?
Same for this little nook?
Organizing photos next week so will find the right one for these frames.
So that is my newest project. Finally getting this room spruced up. Looking forward to next week and the down time. Turning my attention to the pool area, upstairs porch and photos but as you know, that is for another post!

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