Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween . . .

Ok, so I can't believe today is Halloween and I haven't even finished the tour of my spooky home! So here it is - enjoy!

My ode to Edgar Allen Poe and The Raven.

The perfect spot for a wicked cocktail.

My little witch vignette. Sorry the picture is so dark.

I love staining cheesecloth and hanging it everywhere.
This one, the girls and I ripped holes that had ghostly faces.

I love my mantel!
Last year, I bought a lot of old, generic frames from Goodwill, painted them black and pulled out the Cricut. The frames with the photos are those that change from a normal photo to a ghoulish creature. I got those this year at Michaels.

Here's some close-ups:

This is the Pottery Barn Skeleton Drink Holder.
When not serving drinks out of it, I put this cute Jack-o-Lantern in.
This is where I hang my broom!
I plan on making a cape one year to hang here.

So that's my spooky house. Here's hoping the rain passes so we will have a nice, dry evening for trick-or-treating! Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Can't Wait!!

Ok, so in 30 minutes I am heading off to Asheville, North Carolina!! Very excited. My family usually takes a fall trip in October. We have really hit the East coast hard and will move more out west in the next couple of years.  However this year, we wanted to go back to one of our faves . . . this is probably our 4th time to North Carolina. We have also visited Vermont, Williamsburg, Jamestown,Virginia and Montreal. They all have beautiful leaves but nothing is like driving through the Blue Ridge Parkway.

So we are off to drop the dog off with her grandparents, pick up one niece and head to Savannah tonight. We are going to eat at Lady & Sons for lunch and then on to Asheville for apple picking, a corn maze, hiking and picnicking on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I hope you are having fall fun this weekend and I will fill you in on my trip but that will be for another post!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year . . .

Ok, so it's not Christmas (but it will be here before we know it!!), it's Halloween and I just LURVE it! I have been so busy spookifying my house, I have forgotten to blog about it! Such a rookie mistake!

So all my beautiful Fall decs come down,

This is how it begins . . .

. . .  then we go to this!!

The goal is for us to get all of fall packed up and put away before bringing out Halloween. My daughters asked such a silly question the other day, "mom, how come you don't leave up the fall and then mix in some Halloween?"  I think at last count, I have 12 boxes of Halloween goodies. No room for fall to still be out. Now mind you, that does not include all the stuff I bought during the course of the year. Yes, I buy Halloween year round. If you don't buy it when you see it, it's gone like a pecan (doesn't work if you say pee-can). 

So here's Part One of our Spooky Halloween House (please make sure to admire how hard I worked to make our spiderwebs look so authentic, you would never guess I just haven't dusted in 6 months!!).

 I printed my very first subway art as you can see on the top shelf. I found it on Pinterest and you can find in on my Pinterest account if you want to use it too. My mom made the banner a couple of year's ago. I think it looks great hanging there. Thanks Mom! I bought the glittered spiders at Wal-Mart for $1.00 each. I like how they add a touch of color. I put the purple one on top of the subway art; the green one on the orange skull (also purchased at Wal-Mart) and a black one hanging from a lampshade.

Sorry they are a little dark but wanted to give you a closer view.
Still working on learning the camera!!
I like how this is what you look at from my couch (in addition to the TV) so I get to look at all the cute faces looking back at me.

My husband inherited the above Lawyer's Bookcase from his Grandfather. For Halloween this year, it has a collection of our handmade pumpkin votive holders (as well as, real candy pumpkins which for some reason, has not been eaten by my family - or me!) The sign above is a new purchase from Home Good (or as I call it - the Mothership!). It has batteries in it and lights up. I liked it because I am one of three sisters and one of three girls in my house, so I can relate to the three witches dancing on it!

This hutch is in my breakfast nook. It is very utilitarian. I use it to hold "some" of my Halloween plates, bowls and serving pieces. I put "some" in quotes because I have several sets of Halloween plates. I also have solid black, white and orange plates that I mix with the Halloween plates. 

Another craft my mommy made for me. She has a lot of great ideas and I appreciate all my goodies from her - keep 'em coming!

This is a little vignette over my fridge.The sequin skull was bought for me from Pottery Barn by one of my girlfriends who supports my obsession! The piece on the right is also from Pottery Barn. It has three metal, skeleton hands supporting glass bowls. We use it all the time with condiments, different dips, munchies, you name it. I also have the drink dispenser because, if it's not obvious to you, I am a more-is-more person!!

I think I may have overwhelmed you, so that's it for today. Hope you enjoy the tour and there's more to come but that will be for another post!