Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break - Day Huit

Ok, so our final day in Amsterdam was a lot of fun, full of beautiful colors and sights!

How can we resist the beautiful flowers,
even if it didn't feel like spring!?!
I about had a cow! 50 tulip for 8 Euros,
about $10!! I wanted to take hundreds home!
Playing at a local park.

We decided we needed some culture so we took a
tour of the Vincent Van Gogh museum.
We saw tons of paintings including many of his self-portraits,
sunflowers, still lifes, landscapes, you name it.
It was a very impressive collection and a great way to spend an afternoon!
We weren't allowed to take photos inside but
my youngest lost a tooth in the museum.
She lost her first tooth in Paris on our first visit
and was visited by the French tooth fairy - Giselle.
Hanging out at the famous "I AMsterdam" sign.

I tried and tried to put these next to each other on this blog,
but never could. I have come to the conclusion that it is
because they are horizontal photos and not user stupidity!
Proost to a great vacation!

There were beautiful swans everywhere you looked.
Fearing the cutting off of fries when we returned home,
we decided to have one more go around.
They were totally worth all the calories! 

We made a reservation at one of the most authentic Dutch restaurants for some
home cooked food. We had no idea of what to expect.
Ok, one MORE  helping of fries and that is it!
The potatoes and meat on top were delicious.
It was a cozy room with lots of charm and a great last meal!

Checking out of our hotel the next morning
before heading to the airport.

Heading home after another great trip. The beauty of this trip is that I don't have to do any laundry since we actually got home a year ago!! I hope you enjoyed all our special moments and photos. I am off to finish cooking for Easter tomorrow but that is for another post!

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