Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Break - Part Quatre

Ok, so I totally had to look up how to count to four in French. Italian, I could do it but French, not so much!

Well this morning, all we had to do was walk across the bridge by our hotel and low-and-behold, there is the Louvre, right there!

Another cool Metro sign.

Even though this is our second trip here, you still had to
make a visit to the Mona Lisa. 
The Venus de Milo - still missing her arms but look what we found . . .
Her given us the finger with one of her hands!

My youngest was studying Egypt in her Gifted class
and here she is pointing to the name of her group in class.
Her with more Egyptian artifacts . . . 

Even though those are real stones, they still look like
plastic gems from Michaels Crafts!

Not a shabby ceiling, a lot better than the popcorn I have!

After touring the Louvre, we stopped for a bite to eat,
do you get a trend here?

Then we headed back to our hotel room,
changed into fancier clothes for our last night in this great city!
This made the perfect Christmas card this past year.
I loved it with the color td down.
The girls each wanted a photo shoot and boy,
did they look beautiful!

I love the sun shining through on this photo.
Plus, actual proof that I was on this trip!
As a special treat, we went back to the Ritz Paris for high tea.
It was absolutely delicious and felt truly special!
Pinkies must be out.

Loved the edible gold writing on the dessert.
We couldn't resist one more stop at those gorgeous flowers!

Hubby with the Hemingway statue outside his new
favorite bar - Hemingway's.
We decided to have one more drink here to cap off
a great day.

Another great trip to Paris. We had to head back to our hotel and pack for moving on to our next country, oh but wait  . . . 

After we finished packing, we headed out for one more stroll
around our hotel.

Hold the phone, we can't leave without one more round of crepes!
And a wave good-bye from our favorite crepe maker!
Now it's off to bed and before we know it, we will be heading to Belgium, but that is for another post!

P.S. Sorry for all the photos but I am using these blog posts as a scrapbook for my family too!

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