Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break - Part Cinq

Ok, so we hated leaving Paris behind but we were so excited to be heading to two new countries for all of us - Belgium and the Netherlands.  

We learned right away that we do not travel light enough
for the Euro trains, especially for the ones
that are mostly for commuters - this is
something we definitely need to work on for next time!
I really wish we had high speed rails in the US.
My kids have seen more countries than states and this might be why!
We decided we wanted to stay a couple nights in Brugges, Belgium, because we had heard so many great things about that town but wanted to see a little of Brussels too. We checked our bags at the Brussels train station and headed out into the city.

Brussels is know for their cartoons, especially TinTin, pictured
above with the girls. You can find these random murals
all over the city.

There is the most beautiful square in Brussels, La Grand Place.
It's definitely a great place to people watch and to eat!
Brussels has many things they are known for . . .
Pomme Frites.
And chocolate!
We managed to indulge in each specialty
at least twice that day! 
A well-known chocolate shop and in case you
were wondering, it was yummy!
Sorry, I forgot they are also known for their waffles.
Now this is something that does not appeal to me
(believe it or not, but I can confirm that the chocolate on top
was wonderful!). 
Yes, this stop in Brussels was just pretty much eating, a little walking to
another eating and drinking stop!!
Pick up some chocolate or waffles on the way.
That is how we roll and after a day here, you could just
roll us back to the train.
Some blogs may share with you all the historical sites they saw,
the spiritual journey they took or the thrill-seeking they did,
not this one! Sorry!!
We are a "look a little at the culture on the way to eat and drink!

We did take in a little Belgian culture,
the Manneken Pis statue!!
Somedays he is dressed for a special reason but
today we got him in all his glory!
Isn't that lovely? 
It's not a great shot but I think you can figure it out.
And yes, that is a chocolate stream of you know what!

Another cozy pub.
Time to pull ourselves away from all the culture food
and get back on the train to Brugges.
Hubby hanging in the back guarding our luggage
because it was too big for the overhead compartment!

Our hotel in Brugges, the Crown Plaza 
(we stayed here for $25 a night plus points!).
Yeah us!

That about sums up our first day in Belgium. Can't wait to share Brugges with you but that is for another post!


  1. I have so enjoyed my Spring Break "traveling back in time" with you and your family to Europe. I share your blog each day with my family and we ooh and ahh over the food, the scenery, and the girls! Thanks for sharing and taking my mind off of home repairs and chores. I look forward to each day's blog!

  2. Thanks Beth! It's kind of like a free vacation for me too!. Of course, should have done it last year when it was fresher in my mind!