Thursday, March 14, 2013

Master Bedroom Befores

Ok, so yes, my adult, room-renovation ADHD has kicked in full time. I was originally on a mission to do one room "completely" at a time and that is not working. My thoughts are so scattered as to what I want to do next. I have done some changes to my master bedroom so for today, I will show you the befores.

Now bare in mind, these were taken by the Realtor when we were originally trying to sell our house.
So my plan is to do simple updates. My GTG (Go-to-Guy) built the headboard for me. It is mounted to the wall. I want to update the pieces of art in it. Right now, there are metal squares that I bought. They were originally red so I painted them gold and then antiqued them (sorry, this was done before I blogged so no need for photos). I ordered a new duvet cover and lamps from Pottery Barn (they will look great here). I am going to do something with the curtains and possible paint the nightstands. We have moved the desk out (in the back room) and have a couch and chair there now. Not in love with that, so looking to sell the couch and chair and replace with something I we like more.

Once again, you are left with Before photos. Now that I think about it, I think my entire house is one big freaking Before-To Do project. I actually start to hyperventilate when I think about everything I need want to do!! Guess I am off to get started, but that is for another post!

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