Monday, March 4, 2013

Get Your Game On . . .

Ok, so I am slowly starting to pull things together around this house (please make note of the word s.l.o.w.l.y.) When I look at my To Do list for the house for this year (yeah, I wish), it is honestly over 100 items, some are small, like reorganize movies, and some are big, like move washer/dryer upstairs. So I decided to focus my attention and not let my home-improvement-ADD control me anymore. I will finish my family room first, one, because it's the room we spend the most time in and two, because by God, I am sick of Every-Freaking-Room being a work in progress!

So, I have drooled over this antique-inspired game board for a long time (and remember, I am watching my spending and trying not to bring too much into the home. I did actually have 4 large boxes of no longer used clothes/household items picked up for donation today so this is ok!). I pinned it to my Pinterest Board for my Family Room/Kitchen Redux a long time ago (12 weeks to be exact). When I saw it come up for sale again, I just knew "I gots to have it"! 

Here it is as being sold on Antique Farm House. . . 
. . . and here it is on my wall.
No judgement on my short curtains please!
There will be a wraparound couch on that wall sometime
in the future so I couldn't go with long drapes.
Looking at these pictures, I SO felt the need to explain that!
Isn't it fun?
I just might take it off the wall and play a game of Backgammon.
Again, no judgement on the patch job on the wall!
I patched all the holes from my holiday decorating and will be
touching up paint this week.

Also, notice the rosette design here on the board . . . 
. . . now, notice it on my curtains.
Ooooooohhh, aaaaaaaaaaahhh!
Not bad, right???
Also, apologies for the below average photos. Sometimes, I go to these other blogs and I am not thrilled by the design (or it's not my style) but their great quality photos just make the design look so much better. My good camera broke last spring break when it fell off my shoulder in Brugges (totally city-dropped there since normally I just say, "in Ocala this happened" or "in Gainesville I did this"!) and the lens shattered. We were just going to replace the lens but since the camera is about 4 years old, we just figured it would be better to buy a new one. We just haven't gotten around to it so you are stuck looking at photos taking with my (also shattered) iPhone or my daughter's underwater camera!

Continuing on that note, I did take better photos of my painted blue door. I am still in love with the color and am now thinking of painting my laundry room this color. Wouldn't that be fun!?!

I think this shot is quite pretty - yeah Apple!
I was asked by a follower (ok, it was my mom but she does follow me!), where I got the milk tin. I told her how I picked it up in a little shop in Paris last spring break at Pottery Barn. It is currently sold out but I think it was a new item so it might be back. If not, sorry Charlie.

So this wall is decorated and now declared done exact for touching up the paint. Now if I can just do something with the worn Ikea chair and the dog bed, I might be happy but that will be for another post!

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