Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just a Little Painting . . .

Ok, so I came up with my "Summer To Do" on my last post  (yes, 17 days ago) and yeah, I have some progress to report!!

First, I organized all my photos on-line!! Yeah me! It took about 2 days of dragging, deleting, and reorganizing folders to get it all together. I had photos from 2 different cameras, in two different programs, and wanted them in one location. I also had photos from a folder pulled together after my last computer crash. It's nice that they are now together, neatly organized, and now backed up. Technically, I can't cross this off my list . . .  yet . . . because it said to also organize all my photos currently just sitting in boxes (that will hopefully be done in the next couple of weeks) so as my mom always says, "stay tuned". (Note to future self: when making a To Do list, list jobs individually so I will feel more successful crossing them off - never double them up!)

Now onto my big news, and one that I can actually cross off the list, I painted the living room, all by myself!! Now normally, that's not big news but remember, I have 18' ceilings. 18 feet people! I used two different ladders, 2 different extension rods for the roller, my wonderful bendy paint brush and 7 gallons of paint.

Before reminder -

Drum roll please  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

I love the slight off-white color with the dark wood.
We decided to slowly renovate our home to have a Mediterranean-Spanish
flair but it takes a lot to make a 1987 contemporary
house an old-world home!
Wish us luck!!!
Plan on reworking the fireplace in the near future.
Doesn't it look nice with my pediment??

Eventually, we plan on replacing the Pergo floor with hardwood, removing the popcorn off the ceiling (professionals only please!) and adding a few beams up there (again, professionals) but that's down the road. For now, I just will paint the old baseboards a dark brown.

So cross this baby off. Tomorrow I am reorganizing under my kitchen sink (not fun or fancy but a major necessity!). (Note to future self: when making a To Do list, go back and list jobs that you might be doing the next day so you can feel more successful crossing them off !)

Off to read and relax and will think about the rest of my To Do list, but that is for another post!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Goals . . .

Ok, so my life is start to finally calm down a little. School is out (even though my oldest is currently in Driver's Ed, good luck Coach Blackwell!) so I came up with a list of things I want to accomplish this summer.

1. Paint living room and stairwell - just a note on this. We have 18'  ceilings so my goal is to paint as much as possible and then have professionals come in and do the "dirty" work. Hoping to start that ASAP.

2. Find table and chairs for outside. My GTG (go-to-guy) has not contacted me back (not sure what's up there) so alas, I am left to my own devices. I have been cruising the Internet and have not found anything I truly like (under $2,000) but thought this might work:
Ikea outdoor table and 6 chairs - $399
I like that the table can extend to sit more and I really like the color.
Now it doesn't have the trough in it that I was going to have GTG build for me, but I can either add one to the table top or maybe pull a board out if I kept the table always larger. 

We are even thinking of getting 2 table sets if we really like them. That is still to be determined.

3. Hang outside curtains - yes, I am talking about the ones I bought last summer. 

4. Make pillows for upstairs porch - yes, with the fabric I bought last spring (2012, not 2013!).

5. Paint upstairs porch table and all the chairs - so glad I waited until summer in Florida to start that project!

6. Debating whether to paint the outside walls on the porch - just make a decision!

7. Organize all photos - on-line and in all the boxes I have (have been putting this one off for YEARS!).

8. Finish craft room - need I say more!

9. Finish Liv's room - again, need I say more!

Do you sense a pattern here??

10. Paint the back of the front doors - leaning towards black or a fun color.

Dark photo and yes, it's old. Valentine's Day was put up
weeks ago! Ha, ha!!
11. Find doors for office.

Something to block all this loveliness!
Like this -

or this - 

or maybe with glass insets.
Still can't decide!

A girl can dream right? Maybe that will be my reward to myself if I manage to get all my other "chores" done!

My other plan is to have a week of Pinterest. Find Pins I have been wanting to try and take one and do it each day. 

Now, off to start my "summer"! But that's for another post!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Candy Land Photo Booth . . .

Ok, well we had some really nice folks volunteer to take photos of the kids at our Candy Land photo booth. They came in with all the cameras and lights and set-up. Now remember the nice frame my friend B and I made?

We thought it looked great but apparently the photographers didn't think so. We just got our disks with all the photos and our frame barely makes the cut! On the other hand, our props were a hit!

All-in-all, the kids had a great time and had a blast in the photo booth (even without our frame!).

So I only have one last task to complete before I can officially retire the Candy Land party. Do I keep all the "candy" I made or do I just ditch it? On to another project (what to choose, what to choose?) but that will be for another post!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dancing the Night Away - Part 3

Ok, so I have shown you all the prep work and setting up for the party and now it's time to eat and get our party on . . . 

Our candy table was the first thing the kids saw after
playing the Candy Land game.
It was great to stand here and hear the kids
cheering and gasping with glee!

We had bags they could write their name on
and then store their goodies!

These cupcakes are from Sam's and we just added the toppers. 

My friend Michelle was in charge of all the food
and decorations and I think it all
looks delicious!

This shot is so blurry but I love the action of it!
Converse were the shoes of choice.
I like those over those high, hoochie heels!

Candy Land game in action!
As a tornado just came on shore blocks from my house, I am logging off and we are hunkering down. I have fun photo booth photos to come, but that is for another post!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dancing the Night Away - Part 2

Ok, so we left off with my loaded up car -

But before we could leave, I had to get my little one ready . . .

Her sister doing her hair.
Because we had to go early to set-up, Liv put her dress on at her friend's house. I thought they all looked cute (note the shoes!).

My baby is in the polka dot dress.
I have no idea but Liv's pose in this one made
me laugh so hard!!

Pretty girls!
The entrance to the dance -
looks delicious!

My friend B came over and we cut out the Candy Land men. 
Another friend of ours painted them.

After checking in, the kids came across a life-sized game 
of Candy Land. Instead of drawing cards,
the dad who made this game came up with a super-sized
die that the kids rolled to see what color they landed on.
This was a HUGE hit!

At the end of the game, the kids each got a piece of candy from
the Peppermint Forest.
Our party favors. We found these little gems at Sam's.
We added tooth brushes donated from a local dentist. 

Candies on the wall - we had them all over the place
to add color.
They look a little anti-climatic here but trust me,
they looked great! 
We had long garlands between the each of the openings.
We then dropped down large lantern candies
because we had them - SO. MANY. CANDIES! 

The gumdrops were lined up along the edge of the stage -
so cute!
Some A lot of the Epsom salts fell off but there were so
many layers of them, they still looked great.
The beautiful food display and live action shots to come, but that is for another post!