Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break - Part Trois

Ok, so on to another fabulous day in Paris (honestly, can there be a bad one??). 

Outside our hotel, waiting for the cab (again) to whisk us
to another fab Parisian landmark!
Sacre Coeur - a Basilica situated in the middle of Paris on the Montmartre Hill.
We learned the last time here, have the cab driver take you to the steps of
Sacre Coeur and take the funicular down! Much easier on the knees.
Looking on all of Paris.
It's a fantastic view from here!

And here is the Funicular, a quick and easy way to get down,
and the view doesn't stink either!
We wandered around the Monmartre area, known for its many artists and boutiques. We did a little shopping and then decided to have the girls portraits painted again (Note: At this point, I was annoyed with my family, can't remember the details but I decided to wander the artists' area by myself and take a timeout from the famdamily!)

Feeling better and ready to reclaim my clan,
I checked out the progress on my oldest daughter's portrait.
It looks similar to her but not quite right. The artist must have heard us
talking because after he finished my young one's portrait,
he took my eldest's portrait  back and made some changes to it.
Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the revised one and it
is still in the tube in the closet!
Yes, another thing on my To Do list - but I will share at a future time.
My little pretty sitting for her portrait.
My youngest's portrait captures her more accurately!
Look what we saw just walking down the street!
Young love, ain't it grand?

Stopping for a quick bite with a pretty view
(Note: something very French over Rich's
left shoulder, slightly hazy though).
We decided we did not need to go up the Arc de Triomphe 
but did want to catch a quick shot by it.
Need I say more, everyone wants to shop window shop
on the Avenue des Champs-Elysees!
Dream on sweetie!
Shopping got us really hungry and we decided it was time for a picnic. We all wanted to picnic by the Eiffel tower so we hit the local grocery. Yes, we are a family who just LOVES to graze while on a vacation. Especially when the food is this great! 

Her jaw hit the ground when she saw the size of this Babybel!!

Yummers! Now that is one fine looking baguette!
Now this is one fine looking picnic spot!
Did you know that the Eiffel Tower is actually a rust/brown color?
I always thought it was black!

What was so nice about this day is that we spent probably four hours just sitting here, watching the people and the sunset, having great conversation. We wanted to stay long enough to witness the lights on the Tower, and the city, turn on and then the watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle with a beautiful light show. 20,000 light bulbs sparkle on and off for five minutes, every hour, on the hour once it is dark enough, until 1 a.m. It was one of my favorite moments in Paris (and to think, I almost ditched the lot of them several meals ago!).

Love the sparkles!!

Doesn't this look photoshopped?
It's not, it's the real deal.
You can even see the moon halfway up the tower
and for those ghost hunters, there is also an orb!!
So that ends another day in Paris, oh wait, not quite yet . . . 

We must end the night with crepes!!
Ok, so THAT ends another day in Paris. Tomorrow is going to be full of fun but that is for another post!

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