Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hands Down - Worst. Project. Ever. DONE!

Ok, so I woke up this morning totally dreading today. I did not want to have to tackle that second coat of Restore on my pool deck (remember coat 1?) but with rain chances this weekend, it was now or never!

Hubby is out-of-town so I had to do 2 runs to 2 different schools and then I came home and put on my "painting" clothes (unfortunately, I think I have more painting clothes than real-world clothes!). When we are having a party, the deck looks so small and crowded. When I stand at one end with a roller in my hand and with nothing on it, it looks so freaking big! Gonna be a long day!

So I roll and roll and I manage to get about 1/10th of the deck done when I get a text from my oldest. Quick back story - she had dental surgery on Monday for crown lengthening. We were told she should be able to go back to school on Tuesday but that was not the case. She had a lot of swelling, pain and continued bleeding. I finally got her back to school today and darn if something didn't happen and there was a lot of bleeding. Come to find out, she had popped some stitches and it created blood pockets. Big fun! So I had to abandon my painting, go clean up quickly and head out to get her from school. After the Dr's, we ran to stock up on smoothies and buy ONE MORE 4-GALLON of paint. Back home we go.

I drag myself back out there one more time (and I swear last one) to finish this bad boy. Now the good news is it is sunny and there is no wind. The bad news is it is sunny, no wind and super hot - ugh (isn't this February??)!

Long story short, I manage to finish the job, have a tiny, tiny amount of paint left, and now have to wait for it to dry. I have to wait 48-hours before we can put furniture back on it and 3-4 weeks before it will be completely dry - what? I wondered why it was a bit tacky to the touch so I reread the directions and discovered that little gem! Actually, it may take me that long to get over my sore muscles!!

The above photos show what it looks like before this area was completely dry with coat #2 (I was too lazy to take a photo later, after showering, I am totally on the couch with a BIG glass of wine!). Can't wait to finish pulling this all together but that will be for another post!

P.S. I will never, ever, ever do this again. Next time, we are getting pavers put in!

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  1. Even though I truly know your pain, I couldn't help laughing through these last 2 posts. Hope you are happy with the results after all of that work-can't wait to come down to see it for myself. Sounds like you might be ready to move on to some smaller, indoor projects. How about one where you actually show us what your bathroom looks like now that it has had a makeover?!