Saturday, March 23, 2013

Paris in the Springtime . . .

Ok, so this year we are not taking any trips over Spring Break. Normally, this would drive me nuts as I love to travel. However, this year, we all need a major break - time to sleep in, catch up on stuff around the house, visit friends, and slow down. This break is very much needed by all.

So I am going to blog this week about our Spring Break trip last year and relive it. Truth is, I really want it more for our record than anything else and what a better way to travel (in my mind) without having to pay a cent, or Euro in the case!

Here goes . . .

The girls always touch the outside of the plane on our trips.
Not sure why but it is their good luck tradition.
As you can see, we always travel for comfort!
When we landed, we hired a driver to take us to the hotel. The first time we went to the Paris (2009, we did Paris and London), the girls were exhausted and fell asleep in the back of the van. We were driving through the city, at a ridiculous rate, the driver was freaking nuts, and the girls missed all the highlights. In fact, the driver flew around the Arc de Triomphe three times super fast and I did laugh because I felt like I was in a movie sequence! This time, it was a nice drive.

Our room was great.
Because we are a family of four, in most European hotel rooms, you have to book the suite. This room was nice because Rich and I had one room and the girls had separate beds in another. We also had a small kitchen which was great for keeping wine and cheese cold.

If you lean out our window, you have a view of the Seine.
My girls in our window, I am in theirs.

Usually, we take a quick nap but this time we decided to get something to eat first. We all agreed to stay in our travel clothes so we all had the same amount of airplane grime on us! Our hotel was in a perfect location. It was on the Left Bank, Saint-Germain arrondissement. You walked out our front door and the Louvre was to your left and Notre Dame to your right (once you crossed the river).

Caitlin found Waldo!!
Cokes to perk us all up! Then wine, always wine!
At every meal, there was usually a Croque Monsieur too!
Love the signs for their Metro.
We have ridden it before but usually take cabs,
we are lazy like that! 
Liv and Rich ran back to the room to get Liv's jacket
so Caitlin and I had a photo shoot.
This is just down from our hotel the
Citadines Saint-Germain-des-Pres Paris.
Hanging out at Notre Dame. 
The detail here is amazing. You don't find that back home. 
No denying that those are some big ass flying buttresses!

This is one of the girls favorite playgrounds in Paris. It's right behind Notre Dame and one we played on almost everyday the first time here. The girls patiently waited for their turn on this piece of equipment. It spins and you have to hold on tight or your will be thrown from it (Trust me on this one! I tried it and was not expecting to be launched like I was. I imagine it was quite a funny sight! Luckily the ground underneath is rubber so no harm, no foul, just my dignity was bruised!). Silly Americans.

This is the Pont des Arts, a pedestrian bridge where lovers attach a lock and
throw the key in the water.
I can think of other things I would like to throw in the water!!
(Just a joke!). 
After a quick nap and long shower, we headed out for dinner.
This restaurant, The Brasserie Lipp, is one Rich
was dying to visit. Hemingway frequented here, in fact,
he even wrote here.
The food was absolutely delicious!
We decided to take a walk around the city to
work it off.
Our favorite bookstore in all of Paris -
Shakespeare and Company.
No photos are allowed inside but it's warm and very cozy.
There are tight corners and old wooden stairs and nooks everywhere you look.
No night in Paris is ever complete without wine for the adults and
Nutella crepes for the girls (with banana for my oldest).

Well, that wraps up our first day in Paris. We had a fantastic trip and I look forward to sharing all the great memories and photos with you. On to the flea market tomorrow but that is for another post!

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  1. Wow! Always love when I am perusing my Google reader and see these sweet, familiar faces looking at me. Beautiful pictures. I enjoyed your trip down memory lane. And then, to my utter dismay, my little blog was the very next one to pop up on reader. Wow! You take us all on a trip through Paris and I drag you kicking and screaming on a trip through my dining room. Hmmmm! Sorry about that!