Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ribbon Dilemma . . .

Ok, so while making the conversion from playroom to craft room, I came across a HUGE box of ribbons. Actually, make that a couple of boxes. Every now and then, while I was out shopping, I would come across big ribbon sales and stock up. The problem was, I kept the ribbons in boxes under the bed, never to be seen or ever used - what's the point?

So I decided I needed a better ribbon holder (yes, I do realize that if that is my biggest problem of my week, I am SUPER lucky!). I headed to my handy dandy Pinterest and started looking.

This was clever and economical but not pretty.
This was really smart but I am fussy and don't want my ribbons squeezed!
(Take that whatever way you want!)
I thought this was the best, and prettiest solution, until I realized it would be a pain to have to remove the entire rod every time I wanted a ribbon. Then you would have to pull every thing off. Too time consuming for me!
Then I saw this, and knew I had a winner!
Thanks Martha, you saved me once again.
Now the copper in these gutters is quite beautiful but would not go with my new color scheme. Sooooo, I took myself to the local Home Depot and perused the gutter aisle with ribbon in hand. I wanted something pretty but practical. I also wanted to make sure the ribbon would fit in the gutter and this is what I came up with -

This, as seen on a previous post, holds the ribbons that are too large to fit in
the gutters ribbon holder.
The gutters came in 10' sections and only cost about $5-$10 each. I had originally bought 3 sections because I thought I wanted a lot more storage but decided to go with only 3 rows, therefore only needed 20' feet. I cut them down with my circular saw and added the end caps, which I think were about $6 for a set of 2. I just screwed them to the wall and added my ribbon. I absolutely adore it! I just walk over to see what I need, grab it and then make sure to put it back when I am done. Seeing everything helps me make sure it all gets used and that I don't buy ribbon I already have. I am notorious for being consistent with my taste and buying the same item more than once but not realizing it, of course that problem will not be happening in September!

So if you are looking for a ribbon holder, I hope this post gives you lots of great ideas for what would work best for you. All the original links can be found on Pinterest, just search for ribbon holders.

Off to finish organizing my hall closet but that is for another post!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Think I Can, I Think I Can . . .

Ok, so I have had a lot of fun (too much so) recently making some changes to our home and buying items for a someday gift/craft project/a must for the house. As I tell everyone I know (and as those who really know me, already know), I am a more is more kind of gal!

But I was recently paying bills and looking over our purchases and came to a startling realization - we have been throwing money away! I can't believe all the money I have spent (see previous blog post on ALL my recent purchases, not to mention that my husband has currently been on a shopping spree as well!). So I gathered up the bills, grabbed a glass of wine and sat down with my hubby to propose a plan I had - now this is far-fetched for me and will be one of the biggest challenges of the year - drum roll please - let's not spend any money for the next month! Ta da! My hubby starts laughing! Now I am not talking about bills, food, normal living expenses (haircuts, birthday presents, etc...). I am talking about all the EXTRA little stuff I buy for the house to decorate, seasonal items, shoes just for the heck of it, fun jewelry, you name it and he has to agree to the same on his end. When we both stopped laughing, we realized it made a lot of sense. We have SO much, we honestly don't need one more thing. Se we decided September would be a great month to start, one, because it's the next month chronologically and two, because it's a month I usually shop a lot. I mean A LOT. I hit all my usual haunts and a lot more. I LOOOOOOVVVVE fall and with Halloween decorations starting to hit the stores this will be the perfect start time. I have to keep reminding myself -  I. MUST. BE. STRONG!

If I see something that inspires me on Pinterest or in a magazine, I can make it or copy it but I have to only use items I have here at the house. In fact, I just reorganized one of the closets in my house but used only items I already had plus, I painted it by mixing two colors! Look at me go and it's not even September!

This challenge will be hard for a shopping-kind-of-girl like me but I think I can do it! I am using many different trains of thought to keep me on track -

1) We are taking a BIG vacation in two years (including my two nieces) so it won't hurt to start saving.
2) My house has a TON of storage and I am running out of room!
3) I have two kids to still get through college, one starts in four years.
4) I would like my husband to retire some time in the next 20-25 years.
5) Do I really need it?

Yes, I know one month of saving won't help me afford everything I just listed, but I am hoping it will start me on some better spending habits. Now don't you worry, I will still allow myself that splurge purchase every so often, the goal is just not as much!

So I am off to finish pulling together my newly organized closet, and I look forward to showing it off to you, but that will be for another post!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Spray Paint is my Friend . . .

Ok, so as I mentioned in a previous post,  I have been busy getting my craft room organized and refurbished. I have painted over the green and pink with a cool blue grey, moved in new furniture, changed the linens on the bed, and just started spray painting everything in sight to cover up the pink and lime green.

Here are two of my spray paint victims!

This box was great in my daughter's room to showcase her snow globes, but now that her room is lime green and zebra stripes, it no longer goes. I want it to hang on my wall and hold larger ribbons that don't fit in my ribbon holder (blog post about that to come).

I love these PB Teen task lights, we had one for each of our work stations. Now, kiss that pink goodbye!

I taped off the edges because I don't want spray paint getting all over the sides.

I also taped off the sliver parts of the lamps because I wanted them to stay silver. I only had black matte spray paint so I decided to use it. I thought I originally wanted to spray them high gloss black but once I saw the finished product, I decided I liked the matte - plus, it saved me money and a trip to the store!

Here's the finished wall box. I think it turned out great.

And here are 2 of the 3 finished lamps. Again, I think they turned out great. I let them dry for a full 48 hours before starting to use them. 

So it's amazing to see what you can do with a can of spray paint.  I have the kids home from school today because of the hurricane that never really happened here in Central Florida, so not sure I will get anything more than movie watching in pjs done today, but I will get back to fixing up my house tomorrow - but that's for another post!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Look At Me Go . . .

Ok, so I have been super busy this past week (once I got those pesky kids out of my hair) and I have been crossing items off my Play-Room-Turned-To-Craft-Room To Do list left and right!

Let's go back to January to see what it used to look like. My husband commented that this was the last room in our house that had any pink in it and it made him sad when I painted over it because it is such a little girl color and we no longer have little girls. You can see more befores on the first post I made about this room.

The girls no longer needed the space for all their big toys. We gave the Barbie Dream house to my niece, donated our little kid games and moved the girls study space upstairs. So the big question is, now what to do with the room?? Well, it could have become a Man Cave but because it already had all the built-ins that, of course, didn't make sense! So, it became my craft room (and we kept a bed in it for when guests come to visit - we like to keep our guests in the basement where they belong! Ha, ha!).

So I chose a really cool blue-grey color and covered up all those stripes that took me days to paint. Sayonara baby! I do love to paint though. To me, it's very soothing and I love the time to myself. It's funny how when I bring out a can of paint and a paint brush, my family disappears!

These photos are just to show you the finished paint job. Look away from all the clutter still out - but do feel free to admire my cool (made by me) bulletin board! Also, I didn't realize how much I covet glitter but apparently I do. And not that cheap, it-will-cut-you-like-a-knife glitter, it's that oh-so-soft, Martha Stewart-might-be-a-horrible-person-but-the-woman-knows-how-to-make some mean, awesome glitter!

This painted sideboard has had many different uses and colors. I bought it off-white, then painted it red with an antique glaze and now it's black. It's a great piece because it is narrow so it doesn't stick out far. Currently it holds my glues and paints and I will give you a tour of all that once I am done with all the organizing! I also haven't accessorized the room yet so stuff is just randomly stuck in places!

Again, the built-in TV cabinet my Go-To-Guy built years ago. In fact, the TV has since broken and now it is just empty space. Wonder if I should buy a new TV or just fill it with craft goodies?? Decisions, decisions! I do like to put on cheesy Christmas movies and watch them while I play Santa's Workshop and wrap presents. Think I just made up my mind!

Did you notice the drop-down ceiling and oh-so-lovely fluorescent lighting! That is on the list for my GTG but someday, not a priority right now.

So that's the painted tour. I've got several other finished projects for the craft room to show you, but that's for another post!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Most Wonderful Time of the Year . . .

School is back in!! Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaawwwww!

This is my youngest, on her first day of Kindergarten back in 2007. She seems so little now.

Here she is today, 1st day of school 2012, as the big kid on campus. She sure knows how to match her safety patrol belt too!!

Here is my oldest on her first day of high school. She would never in a million years let me take a photo of her at school so I let that dream go when she started middle school. I was looking for a photo of her on her first day of Kindergarten and I don't have one on my computer or in a photo album. I know the photo exists so I imagine it is sitting in a box in my hall closet. Guess I will add that to my TO DO list! But for now, time for Oprah and Bon-Bons. What? What do you mean Oprah is not on anymore? Dang! Guess I have no excuse for frivolity and down time so now I will have to file all of this -

I'll be happy to share my someday/future success on my filing but that will be for a much, much later post!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Love Me Some Bargains . . .

Ok, so a couple of weekends ago, my niece was in town visiting my girls, and they all wanted to go see Step Up Revolution 4 in 3-D. Don't ask me why but for some reason, I had no desire to see it. I decided I would buy their tickets, drop them off and then mosey (would you believe I had to check the dictionary for how to spell mosey, being from the South, you think I would know that one!). The movie theater has a Target, Michael's, Marshall's and a lot of other, inexpensive shops in the same complex. I figured I would start at one end and "mosey" (I am SO going to keep using that know that I know how to spell it) to the other, ending up at Target.

Well, I went into my first shop (can't remember the name) and found the perfect pair of red patent leather ballet flats! Brings me back to the days of the red patent Mary Jane's my girls used to wear and now wouldn't be caught dead in them!

They are not a name brand but are ridiculously comfy. I think they will be great for fall and for the holidays. Plus, I have been looking for shoes to match the patent leather red handbag I bought on vacation this past spring break. They were regularly priced $85 and I got them for $39 and no tax! Score one for me!

Next stop, Marshalls. They were having a H-U-G-E clearance in housewares so I started to head there, but a sale in shoes caught my eye first!

These are Tahari and, again, crazy comfy! I love the pattern on them and can't wait to wear them!! They were regularly $125 and I got them for $49. Score two!

These are Coach tennis shoes and I thought I liked them. Then when I showed them to my girls, they said I was "too old" (ouch!) to wear them. Thoughts?? Can I pull them off? I thought they would be great with jeans and a tee or sweater in the colder month (just that one month). According to my girls, the tennis shoes won't go with my muumuu (holy cow, had to look the spelling of that word up too!) or accessorize with my walker! I don't usually like huge logos all over my shoes but these are real subtle and comfortable (gee, I want all my shoes to be comfy, maybe I am an old lady). I don't remember how much these were originally but I got them for $49. Score two-and-a-half. On to domestics. . .

. . . but, one more stop by clothing but didn't really see anything (no big sales there), so I moved on.

Got the pitcher and the large, green glass vase for $2 each! I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet but plan on getting my "craft" on. Maybe try some etching or glass painting? At that price, I can afford to mess them up! Score more!

Having $3 cloche envy?? It's pretty large and will be used a lot. I might try to add a monogram letter to it but will see.

I was on the fence about this but for $2, I thought it might make something cute for Halloween since it kind of looks like a spider web. It looks great in my head but not sure it will look that awesome in reality!

For $1, I can play diner all night long!

This was pricey at $5 (ha, ha) but I really like it, just not sure why though! It's got fun bubbles in the glass, is a great color and I even like the rope. I might use it as a wine holder or maybe a wine glass - just add a straw!! Another score!

I wanted to make a tomato-basil tart before summer was over but did not have a pan until now. Got this large, bad boy for $3. Hope the tart turns out as good as the pan looks!

After making a quick stop at the car, I headed to Michael's Crafts.

I got these monogrammed pulls for $.29 each (this would totally be a triple score but I have NO idea where I am going to use them) and these cool tags for $.39. Yeah! I also filled 2 carts with 80% off stuff but that is for my daughter's elementary school's Winter Store and not on my dime.

How sad but I didn't even make it to Target! On a buying high however, I did hit Tuesday Morning the next day (and it wasn't even Tuesday) but came across some goodies but a little bit more than the $3.

Can't remember how much this was but SO going to use it for Halloween - maybe to hold a glittery skull or something fun?? So many options!

Got a couple of these for gifts (and one for us). Got something else but using that as a gift for a blog reader so not going post it here.

This will end up as a gift too, but maybe for my hubby? Would look great in his "someday" Man Cave.

Well, it was a good run but now I am putting a self-imposed lockdown on spending - IF - not for a gift. I do shop for the holidays all year long and am already half done. So, I will share with you what I end up doing with all these goodies, but that will be for another post!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I See The Light . . .

And it's bea-u-ti-ful!

Ok, well, not quite yet but it will be, I promise. I know this may sound shallow but nothing makes me happier (ok, maybe kids not fighting, cold wine in my glass, and a butler serving dinner might) than walking to my front door and seeing boxes!! Lots of beautiful boxes of goodies that I have ordered. Now, there are millions of blogs out there where they do everything on the cheap - and nothing against them - I think they are amazing! I love to see a Ballard Design mirror knock-off made out of shims. Truly genius. But if you are looking for that on this blog, move along little doggy. It ain't happening! I do all my own redecorating, I have a fantastic GTG (Go-To-Guy) and I like crafting but if I see something I know would JUST. BE. PERFECT. for that certain spot, I will save up to get it (or use the old credit card because I am earning miles, ya know, Momma wants to get back to Europe soon). I am not one who will look at thrift stores for 6 months (though I don't mind perusing their shelves), find a jug, come home, put it in the kiln made from bricks in my backyard to reshape it, color it, then wire it and voila', have a lamp that somewhat resembles something you may have seen in a catalog - not that there's anything wrong with that!

So, with that being said, that little-something-for-that-perfect-spot was a new Pottery Barn lamp + shade because of course, that doesn't come with it.

I just loooooove it! A professional may say it's a tad big for the spot, I say it's perfect. It looks like a wine jug and goes great in our newly redecorated family room. This room is slowly coming together. I think there may be a Pottery Barn light (tip your waiters) at the end of the tunnel!

I just have to sew a few more pillows, reorganize the new shelving unit, and restain/paint an old friend - our $99 Broyhill Fontana table and way-more-expensive chairs from the '90s!

We pulled it out of storage and I think it will go great in the room with just a little love and a helluva of a lot of sanding and staining but that is for another post!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cross This Off The List . . .

Ok, so I have S.L.O.W.L.Y. started making some more organizational progress and I want to show off my latest success.

I have this beautiful black armoire we bought about 6-7 years ago. We bought it at a local shop (Treehouse Gallery for those in St. Pete). It took FOREVEEEER to get here! It literally came on a slow-boat from Mexico. For many years, it served as our TV holder and then when our TV got lemon-lawed (super long and quite a funny story), we ended up with a bigger TV that no longer fit in the armoire. Needless to say, I wasn't about to get rid of this piece of furniture so I had to come up with a new purpose for it.

So a couple of years ago, I had my GTG (Go TO Guy) build shelves for the inside and it became my "baking center". This is the inside of it after several years of use! It's a disorganized pigsty!

So I pulled everything out, cleaned all the shelves, eliminated some junk, and made it look pretty again. Ahhhhh, this is much better. I do plan on finding pretty glass containers and making fancy labels for all my goodies but that is in the future when I find a good deal on the containers.  I will also paint or do something else to the plain wood but right now, I just wanted to get it pulled back together.

I have all my baking needs in here: from flour and sugar to sprinkles and vanilla. Plus, the see through containers are perfect to see how much I have of everything.

Notice I didn't open the bottom cabinet? Well, that is for another post!