Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break - Part Six

Ok, so this morning we have the privilege of waking up in Brugges, Belgium. What a great day (except for my poor camera - more to come on that!).

And look at the view outside our window this morning -
right on the main square.

We headed out to explore and of course, eat and drink Belgian beer. It was amazing how much colder it was here than in Paris. Brugges (also spelled Bruges) is known as the Belgium Venice because of it's canals. Ironically, we had trouble finding the canals (and no, not because of the beer!). We did come across some at the end of the day though!

You know the old saying,
when in Belgium, eat chocolate at every stop!
We even got a large box of chocolate from
our hotel as a welcome gift!
The flowers are starting to bloom.

My hubby tried Green River Eel - and liked it and
no, that big beer did not influence his taste buds! 
This church, tucked in the corner of the square, is called
The Church of the Holy Blood.
The church claims that it has a holy relic, a cloth covered with Jesus's blood after he was taken down from the Crucifix. There are no photos allowed inside but when you go in, there is a priest holding the vial. You walk up the stairs and just look at it. It was a little weird because I didn't know if we were suppose to bow or congratulate him. We just smiled, said thank you and moved on. Here's a picture I found on-line of what we saw -

After that, it was time to eat again.
The girls loved the menus on the wooden board.

My youngest got a treat in her kids meal, this had ice cream in it!
Great Christmas shop where we bought some large glass icicles.
Didn't think about how I was going to get them home but
luckily they all survived the plane trip!
We also bought some fun handbags and cute ballet flats
(but no photos - sorry!)

See, I told you we found the canals!!
I guess I was so excited I dropped my camera and this is where
I broke my good lens. That really irritated me!

We headed back to the room for some well deserved rest and chocolates (I am proud to say, we didn't take one cab here, other than to and from the train depot). We joked that we would all have withdrawals from all the sugar we ate (and maybe from the Belgian Cherry Beer that I LOVE so much!).  Time to pack because we are moving on to another city/country - Amsterdam, here we come but that is for another post!

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