Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Color . . . It's a Good Thing!

Here's a random, off-kilter (not sure why?) photo of my kitchen that I found. The French doors are boring. I had read once where you might be able to remove the window grids and have one, nice piece of glass underneath. So I removed it, and there, dangling by a thread, were 15 individual panes of glass. Needless to say, I quickly screwed it back on! So what's a girl to do who every time looks at her boring, but can't afford new hurricane-proof French doors? Add color!

Boring and shows every piece of dirt and scuff mark.

This is the fabric I used for my curtains.
This is a coordinating fabric I have for my pillows
and will use for a few more accent pieces.
I ran up to my local Dyco and found a blue that I thought would be perfect to bring a pop of color to this room and match the two fabrics I used. I went with Benjamin Moore Ash Blue, #2057-40 and I love it!

Looking good.

Done? Well, not quite (gee, imagine that, me blogging about a project that is not done!?!). I will do one of two things to finish this. One, my GTG (my Go-To-Guy) is coming over tomorrow to give me some quotes on some projects around our house that will include replacing all the trim in this room to a dark brown. If we go that way, I will paint the grids on the doors brown and replace the antique white trim with stained wood. If we decide to wait, I will just touch up all the trim with paint so that is TBD.

Again, here's the before -
And the almost-finished!
Sorry it's so dark, it's a super cloudy, rainy day and that was the
best I could do with my iPhone.
So I just love my pop of color. Can't wait to see it completely done, but that is for another post!


  1. It looks really nice. I love the pop of color. Maybe I see a new project in my future. And, BTW, I LOVE that container your tulips are in. Where did you find it?

  2. I love this look. You amaze me with your talents and energy. I still want to see your bathroom!