Saturday, August 25, 2012

Look At Me Go . . .

Ok, so I have been super busy this past week (once I got those pesky kids out of my hair) and I have been crossing items off my Play-Room-Turned-To-Craft-Room To Do list left and right!

Let's go back to January to see what it used to look like. My husband commented that this was the last room in our house that had any pink in it and it made him sad when I painted over it because it is such a little girl color and we no longer have little girls. You can see more befores on the first post I made about this room.

The girls no longer needed the space for all their big toys. We gave the Barbie Dream house to my niece, donated our little kid games and moved the girls study space upstairs. So the big question is, now what to do with the room?? Well, it could have become a Man Cave but because it already had all the built-ins that, of course, didn't make sense! So, it became my craft room (and we kept a bed in it for when guests come to visit - we like to keep our guests in the basement where they belong! Ha, ha!).

So I chose a really cool blue-grey color and covered up all those stripes that took me days to paint. Sayonara baby! I do love to paint though. To me, it's very soothing and I love the time to myself. It's funny how when I bring out a can of paint and a paint brush, my family disappears!

These photos are just to show you the finished paint job. Look away from all the clutter still out - but do feel free to admire my cool (made by me) bulletin board! Also, I didn't realize how much I covet glitter but apparently I do. And not that cheap, it-will-cut-you-like-a-knife glitter, it's that oh-so-soft, Martha Stewart-might-be-a-horrible-person-but-the-woman-knows-how-to-make some mean, awesome glitter!

This painted sideboard has had many different uses and colors. I bought it off-white, then painted it red with an antique glaze and now it's black. It's a great piece because it is narrow so it doesn't stick out far. Currently it holds my glues and paints and I will give you a tour of all that once I am done with all the organizing! I also haven't accessorized the room yet so stuff is just randomly stuck in places!

Again, the built-in TV cabinet my Go-To-Guy built years ago. In fact, the TV has since broken and now it is just empty space. Wonder if I should buy a new TV or just fill it with craft goodies?? Decisions, decisions! I do like to put on cheesy Christmas movies and watch them while I play Santa's Workshop and wrap presents. Think I just made up my mind!

Did you notice the drop-down ceiling and oh-so-lovely fluorescent lighting! That is on the list for my GTG but someday, not a priority right now.

So that's the painted tour. I've got several other finished projects for the craft room to show you, but that's for another post!

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