Friday, August 17, 2012

Love Me Some Bargains . . .

Ok, so a couple of weekends ago, my niece was in town visiting my girls, and they all wanted to go see Step Up Revolution 4 in 3-D. Don't ask me why but for some reason, I had no desire to see it. I decided I would buy their tickets, drop them off and then mosey (would you believe I had to check the dictionary for how to spell mosey, being from the South, you think I would know that one!). The movie theater has a Target, Michael's, Marshall's and a lot of other, inexpensive shops in the same complex. I figured I would start at one end and "mosey" (I am SO going to keep using that know that I know how to spell it) to the other, ending up at Target.

Well, I went into my first shop (can't remember the name) and found the perfect pair of red patent leather ballet flats! Brings me back to the days of the red patent Mary Jane's my girls used to wear and now wouldn't be caught dead in them!

They are not a name brand but are ridiculously comfy. I think they will be great for fall and for the holidays. Plus, I have been looking for shoes to match the patent leather red handbag I bought on vacation this past spring break. They were regularly priced $85 and I got them for $39 and no tax! Score one for me!

Next stop, Marshalls. They were having a H-U-G-E clearance in housewares so I started to head there, but a sale in shoes caught my eye first!

These are Tahari and, again, crazy comfy! I love the pattern on them and can't wait to wear them!! They were regularly $125 and I got them for $49. Score two!

These are Coach tennis shoes and I thought I liked them. Then when I showed them to my girls, they said I was "too old" (ouch!) to wear them. Thoughts?? Can I pull them off? I thought they would be great with jeans and a tee or sweater in the colder month (just that one month). According to my girls, the tennis shoes won't go with my muumuu (holy cow, had to look the spelling of that word up too!) or accessorize with my walker! I don't usually like huge logos all over my shoes but these are real subtle and comfortable (gee, I want all my shoes to be comfy, maybe I am an old lady). I don't remember how much these were originally but I got them for $49. Score two-and-a-half. On to domestics. . .

. . . but, one more stop by clothing but didn't really see anything (no big sales there), so I moved on.

Got the pitcher and the large, green glass vase for $2 each! I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet but plan on getting my "craft" on. Maybe try some etching or glass painting? At that price, I can afford to mess them up! Score more!

Having $3 cloche envy?? It's pretty large and will be used a lot. I might try to add a monogram letter to it but will see.

I was on the fence about this but for $2, I thought it might make something cute for Halloween since it kind of looks like a spider web. It looks great in my head but not sure it will look that awesome in reality!

For $1, I can play diner all night long!

This was pricey at $5 (ha, ha) but I really like it, just not sure why though! It's got fun bubbles in the glass, is a great color and I even like the rope. I might use it as a wine holder or maybe a wine glass - just add a straw!! Another score!

I wanted to make a tomato-basil tart before summer was over but did not have a pan until now. Got this large, bad boy for $3. Hope the tart turns out as good as the pan looks!

After making a quick stop at the car, I headed to Michael's Crafts.

I got these monogrammed pulls for $.29 each (this would totally be a triple score but I have NO idea where I am going to use them) and these cool tags for $.39. Yeah! I also filled 2 carts with 80% off stuff but that is for my daughter's elementary school's Winter Store and not on my dime.

How sad but I didn't even make it to Target! On a buying high however, I did hit Tuesday Morning the next day (and it wasn't even Tuesday) but came across some goodies but a little bit more than the $3.

Can't remember how much this was but SO going to use it for Halloween - maybe to hold a glittery skull or something fun?? So many options!

Got a couple of these for gifts (and one for us). Got something else but using that as a gift for a blog reader so not going post it here.

This will end up as a gift too, but maybe for my hubby? Would look great in his "someday" Man Cave.

Well, it was a good run but now I am putting a self-imposed lockdown on spending - IF - not for a gift. I do shop for the holidays all year long and am already half done. So, I will share with you what I end up doing with all these goodies, but that will be for another post!

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