Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Work Has Begun . . .

Ok, so my Go To Guy (GTG) arrived with his helper and they started on a couple projects before beginning the ceiling.

I haven't shown these photos to you yet because I keep waiting to be completely done and do a major - Ta-Da - reveal, but at the rate I am going, that won't happen until I file for social security!! Here's the scoop in a nutshell. This was a guest/miscellaneous room. With the exception of some dogs, this room wasn't used much! The girls had a homework station downstairs in the playroom but they didn't like being down there on their own. We decided to make this room an office x 3.

This closet turned nook, served as a bar.
I added my desk to go in the nook.
My first (and last) attempt at painting Chevron stripes.
Was going to do the whole closet but decided it would be too busy
and too much work. Project done! 
I have added more to the walls and got a lot more organized.
I will show that off in the final Ta-Da!

They added power to my closet-turned-desk-nook. This took them 5 minutes but will save me a lot of aggravation!  I hated having the cords visible as you can see in the above photo.

As you can see, they also hung my surge protector/multiple outlet holder on the side of my desk. This is the side that has the opening. I previously labeled each cord. This is crazy convenient! No more climbing under the desk, pulling each cord to see which one moved. Genius if I do say so myself (but it wasn't my idea, thanks GTG!). Three shelves are also going to be added in the left corner of the closet.

Here's the room with the doors and trim now removed.
Yes, recovering the pink desk chair is on my To Do list.

Remember, here's the room before.
Much more open now. Looking to add glass doors down the road.
Just have to find the right set. 

 And the ceiling work has begun.
Of course, the air vent was in the way so we had to move that.
Luckily, my GTG was prepared for that and had
everything he needed.

The wood paneling is on, and the beams that are currently there,
are supports for the real beams that will be installed.

 First beam up!

We decided to add just a single plank, not a beam around the outside.
I think it will work perfectly.

Unfortunately, my GTG had another project he had to work on this afternoon but they will be back tomorrow and hopefully can knock out the rest of the ceiling. I, unfortunately, have some more staining to do, but I keep reminding myself, the money I save doing the staining myself, can help me afford more projects. I keep saying that over and over again!

So, hopefully you like the progress as much as I do. Can't wait to show you the finished work but that will be for another post!

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