Monday, June 11, 2012

Put a Pin In It . . .

Ok, so I decided I wanted to make a bulletin board for the taking-FOREVER-to-finish playroom turned into my craft room/guest room!! Wow! That is one heckuva title for a basement room! Ironically, I bought the supplies for this probably two months ago. I just didn't get around to making it yet. I have taken on too many different home improvement projects and my attention, not to mention moooola, is all over the place.

So my husband went to watch the World Cup games with a buddy of his, my oldest went over to a friend's and my youngest wanted to hang out in her room - yeah, time to myself!

I completed a bunch of little, nagging items off my three page, single-spaced To Do list. I will post those pictures eventually. This is all about my bulletin board. I like to have pretty things around me. I like to drink out of a nice cup (unless it's a Gator game cup, then I am good with it!), I like to pay bills on an organized, well-planned desk, you get the idea. So when I went looking for a bulletin board for my craft room, I couldn't find one I liked (or that was reasonably priced).

So I found this cheap inexpensive frame, I think at Jo-Ann's (plus coupon). It's not wood but it looks good enough.

I already had this roll of cork board from the Board Dudes - bought awhile ago at JoAnns for another non-attempted project.  (Note: when unrolling cork board, do it carefully because when I put a little pressure on it, it immediately cracked!)

I also had this hand-dandy spray can of multi-purpose adhesive (I actually have 2 cans of multi-purpose adhesive!). See my desire for organization. I found duplicates of several different items when I finally cleaned out cupboards!

I laid the back of the frame on the cork board and cut the board with my Xacto knife (if you look closely, you can see that tear I was talking about to the left of the board). I actually cut it just a tad shorter on all sides so it would fit in the frame easier. (Note: I covered my finished cork board with fabric. If you don't plan on doing that, and want the cork board visible, don't cut it short or it will show!) After cutting it, I sprayed the back of the frame with the adhesive spray and laid down the cork board, pressing hard to get a good stick. I wanted my cork board to be nice and thick, so I actually cut another layer of cork board, sprayed it and attached it to my first layer of cork board. This allowed the pins to go all the way in and hold a little better.

Is this blurry or are my eyes really going?
Must have inhaled too much spray adhesive!
Sorry for that!!
Next, I cut the fabric about 2 inches wider on all sides of the frame. I stapled one side first, then stapled the opposite side next. This is what you do when recovering furniture so you know you get a nice, even pull. Then I repeated on the other two sides. I folded in the corners (which you could see better if it wasn't so blurry - this I why I don't really do tutorials!).

Here's my completed project. I think it looks great! I have to say, I am proud of it and it only took about 15 minutes! What took me sooooooo long to do it??

Now, I had another brilliant idea for a matching dry erase board but that one wasn't turning out as well . . . but that will be for another post!

I thought it would be a little difficult to read but not this hard!
On to Plan B!

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