Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm Getting Hungry!

Ok, so I have been super busy trying to get my house as organized as possible before school starts. I truly believe when I as a mommy and the house are both organized, our home runs smoother, much smoother!

So when I found myself glued to the Olympics (not sure why but our family has been addicted this year), I wanted to also be productive. Now that I have "discovered" Pinterest, I no longer feel the need to buy a lot of magazines (still get a few though) and pull ideas and recipes from them.

This is my stack! It usually is a little neater but this is what I started with when I pulled all the folders and threw them in a basket. 
I decided to go through the stack and recycle all the recipes I no longer wanted. Usually on recipes I try, I will write a note and the date and whether it was liked or not. I do this in all our cookbooks, too. One, so I won't repeat recipes no one liked and two, so when the girls are older and receive the cookbooks, they can see recipes they liked and ones they helped me cook. SO I gathered my gagillion recipes and started googling them. There are a lot of variations out there so I made sure to find the exact one.  Out of ALL the recipes I hunted for, only a handful of them I couldn't fine on-line so I kept them.

Now I have (almost) all the recipes I want on Pinterest. God help me if Pinterest ever closes or goes out-of-business!!  Looking at all these recipes have really gotten me interested in cooking and baking again. Living in Florida during the summer, I lose all desire to cook because it is just too hot!

Getting smaller.
So I have one more folder to make my way through - Desserts - and women's water polo is on. Go Team USA! Beat those Aussies! If you want to see any of the recipes I pinned, please go to my Pinterest page. Can't wait to start making some food but that is for another post!

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