Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ribbon Dilemma . . .

Ok, so while making the conversion from playroom to craft room, I came across a HUGE box of ribbons. Actually, make that a couple of boxes. Every now and then, while I was out shopping, I would come across big ribbon sales and stock up. The problem was, I kept the ribbons in boxes under the bed, never to be seen or ever used - what's the point?

So I decided I needed a better ribbon holder (yes, I do realize that if that is my biggest problem of my week, I am SUPER lucky!). I headed to my handy dandy Pinterest and started looking.

This was clever and economical but not pretty.
This was really smart but I am fussy and don't want my ribbons squeezed!
(Take that whatever way you want!)
I thought this was the best, and prettiest solution, until I realized it would be a pain to have to remove the entire rod every time I wanted a ribbon. Then you would have to pull every thing off. Too time consuming for me!
Then I saw this, and knew I had a winner!
Thanks Martha, you saved me once again.
Now the copper in these gutters is quite beautiful but would not go with my new color scheme. Sooooo, I took myself to the local Home Depot and perused the gutter aisle with ribbon in hand. I wanted something pretty but practical. I also wanted to make sure the ribbon would fit in the gutter and this is what I came up with -

This, as seen on a previous post, holds the ribbons that are too large to fit in
the gutters ribbon holder.
The gutters came in 10' sections and only cost about $5-$10 each. I had originally bought 3 sections because I thought I wanted a lot more storage but decided to go with only 3 rows, therefore only needed 20' feet. I cut them down with my circular saw and added the end caps, which I think were about $6 for a set of 2. I just screwed them to the wall and added my ribbon. I absolutely adore it! I just walk over to see what I need, grab it and then make sure to put it back when I am done. Seeing everything helps me make sure it all gets used and that I don't buy ribbon I already have. I am notorious for being consistent with my taste and buying the same item more than once but not realizing it, of course that problem will not be happening in September!

So if you are looking for a ribbon holder, I hope this post gives you lots of great ideas for what would work best for you. All the original links can be found on Pinterest, just search for ribbon holders.

Off to finish organizing my hall closet but that is for another post!

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