Monday, August 13, 2012

What Do I Smell - Fall??

Ok, let's be honest. I live in Florida and it is freaking hot right now. I know it is hot around the rest of the country but remember, in Florida, it's the humidity that will get ya!!

So in order for me to survive what I deem - THE most annoying month of the year (my apologies to those born this month, Presley, I mean you!) - I have to think ahead to beautiful red, orange and yellow leaves (not palm fronds), crisp, cool air (not your clothes sticking to you the minute you walk out the door), and pumpkin picking (not mosquito swatting). The best way for this Florida girl to do that is to turn her house in a beautiful Fall setting. Please bear in mind, I have a retail background so getting an early jump on the holidays is something that is in my blood.

That's why, this Sunday, August 19, the day before school starts, my husband will be bringing all the Fall boxes out of storage and I will begin decorating!! Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!! (TMI Note: I would totally be jumping up and down if I was wearing a workout bra right now!) I would actually start sooner but we are having company this Saturday and I didn't want to look too silly!!

In addition to all my gorgeous decorations (at least I think they are), I also plan to make a couple of items that have been on my radar for sometime. Again, I defer to Pinterest (all original posts can be found on my Pinterest account):

1. I plan on reworking my front doors (lucky me, I have 2) and making some great wreaths. Usually I use these beaded-wreathy things I bought at Home Goods years ago and the wooden beads keep falling off and it has a funny odor. Real pleasant when you knock on my door. I also have a falling down chalkboard. It's a real eyesore and needs a total revamping.

2. Back to the front door area, I think something like this would be nice. Of course living in Florida, we can't carve our pumpkins until the night before Halloween or they will be filled with mildew (eeewww!). However, wouldn't a fake pumpkin be great? You would probably have to remove the mum to water it or maybe drill holes in the pumpkin but I am going to give it a shot. Stay tuned on this!

3. I have just bought a set of these bad boys, they light up with batteries!! They are due to arrive later this week. Not sure how they will look but hoping they will look as good in person, as they do in my head!

4. You have seen this picture before and it IS going to happen. I was going to have my Go To Guy do it for me but then I had to have a bunch of wood siding on my house replaced by him and that took care of any budget I had! I can do this myself, but it is just a matter of me getting the wood because I don't think I have much laying around my house. Maybe if I cleaned out the garage, I might find some. Needless to say, one way or another, this is happening!!!

Don't even get me started on Fall foods. I have a whole board on Pinterest just for that!! So I am off to finish organizing my craft room so I feel crafty enough to get my craft on but that is for another post!

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