Thursday, August 16, 2012

I See The Light . . .

And it's bea-u-ti-ful!

Ok, well, not quite yet but it will be, I promise. I know this may sound shallow but nothing makes me happier (ok, maybe kids not fighting, cold wine in my glass, and a butler serving dinner might) than walking to my front door and seeing boxes!! Lots of beautiful boxes of goodies that I have ordered. Now, there are millions of blogs out there where they do everything on the cheap - and nothing against them - I think they are amazing! I love to see a Ballard Design mirror knock-off made out of shims. Truly genius. But if you are looking for that on this blog, move along little doggy. It ain't happening! I do all my own redecorating, I have a fantastic GTG (Go-To-Guy) and I like crafting but if I see something I know would JUST. BE. PERFECT. for that certain spot, I will save up to get it (or use the old credit card because I am earning miles, ya know, Momma wants to get back to Europe soon). I am not one who will look at thrift stores for 6 months (though I don't mind perusing their shelves), find a jug, come home, put it in the kiln made from bricks in my backyard to reshape it, color it, then wire it and voila', have a lamp that somewhat resembles something you may have seen in a catalog - not that there's anything wrong with that!

So, with that being said, that little-something-for-that-perfect-spot was a new Pottery Barn lamp + shade because of course, that doesn't come with it.

I just loooooove it! A professional may say it's a tad big for the spot, I say it's perfect. It looks like a wine jug and goes great in our newly redecorated family room. This room is slowly coming together. I think there may be a Pottery Barn light (tip your waiters) at the end of the tunnel!

I just have to sew a few more pillows, reorganize the new shelving unit, and restain/paint an old friend - our $99 Broyhill Fontana table and way-more-expensive chairs from the '90s!

We pulled it out of storage and I think it will go great in the room with just a little love and a helluva of a lot of sanding and staining but that is for another post!


  1. Is jealousy one of the 7 deadly sins? I love that lamp!!!

  2. I do, too. It looks really good. It's handblown and you can see little bubbles. There is a cork on top where the light bulb goes so you can actually put stuff inside it. It really makes the room pop!