Sunday, August 12, 2012

Napa Valley Souvenir . . .

Ok, so I got a call from Jo-Ann's yesterday and our framed map of Napa Valley was ready. Yeah!! My hubby ran and picked it up for me and I hung it on the wall (I know, slight role reversal but that's how our relationship rolls!). Here's how it looks:

This is a close-up. It features wine labels and then the location of the vineyards on the map.
We love it! Future goal to hit all of them!

Doesn't this look great?? Then we got on a bit of a roll and I recovered 2 chairs for the office and my hubby just brought an old table and chairs out of the attic. I plan on restaining them in a darker shade (but not today) besides, that is for another post!


  1. It is perfect for that spot! So many vineyards, so little time!!!

  2. I love that map and the frame looks like part of a cask. I think it looks just great!

  3. Hi Tara -

    So sorry for the ridiculously long delayed reply. I bought a house right after you asked this and just now saw your comment. I'm sure you figured it out but I got it in a shop in Napa Valley. I did find it here for you if you are still interested.

    Again my apologies and thanks for stopping by. -