Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hall Closet Clean Up . . .

Ok, so I continue to reorganize-refurbish-redo, and finally feel like I am turning that corner. Of course, I have lived here for over 9 years so you think I would be there already!

Here (I am embarrassed to show you) is the closet outside our guest bathroom - before:


As we have been known to say in the south, "it ain't pretty!" Now, this closet was organized a couple of years ago but this is what happens when you don't put things back where they belong.  So I took it all out, every last piece of junk and I was left with this - 

I decided the inside walls were just too messy and I wanted to add a fresh coat of paint. I debated a pretty wallpaper but really didn't want to spend the money or time looking for one. I also don't like the Closet Maid jank shelves but they will stay for now. I will eventually buy some wood and either replace or cover the current shelves. I went down to my paint storage and was looking for a Mediterranean orange. I didn't have anything like that but decided to mix two colors (Martha Stewart's School Pencil Yellow, which was on my family room's walls 4 colors ago (oh, vay), and a burnt reddish color). This is what the final result was:

 Ahhhh, much better. At first it looked a fleshy for me but when it dried, it turned to this golden color I really like it. Picture it with those someday-wooden shelves, dark wood trim and a beautiful wooden door . . . again, ahhhh. Is it sad I like my closet so much?

Now time to organize all those lovely things lovingly shoved in there.

So I sat down at the dining room table, turned on the TV, and started detangling . . .  and detangling . . .  and, you get the idea (by the way, did you know Lifetime shows reruns of Will & Grace, then Frasier, then The New Adventures of Old Christine? That Christine show is really funny!). I spent so much time plugging cords into various electronic pieces to see what belonged to what. I needed something to keep them sorted so I did head to Target (yes, I know I am not suppose to spend a lot of extra money but that technically didn't start until yesterday!). I went to get a couple more baskets that I wanted but then I discovered these bad boys!


Please do not adjust your computer.
This photo is blurry and I do apologize for that!!

Aren't these cool? You can pop out the dividers or leave them closed. It's exactly what I was looking for and they had two sizes - again, exactly what I wanted! Yeah me and yeah Target! I don't remember the exact cost but I think they were about $10-$14. has a couple more sizes and a pattern design. 

These kind of projects make me so excited because I get to pull out my handy dandy label maker. I labeled EVERY SINGLE CORD I could figure out. Just like they say at the airport about all bags looking alike, I can say the same thing about electronic cords. Once everything was labeled, I got to put them into my pretty new containers.

Don't they look great? I also labeled the inside of each box as to what goes where. I love it! Then I got to put it all back together.

Annnnnnnnnndddddd . . .  drum roll please! Voila!

I pulled out my beautiful Martha Stewart chalkboard labels and started labeling. I would like to find a smaller point chalkboard pen but for now, this will work. 

So I gave each family member a tour and a lecture of the beautiful new closet and reminded them about returning items where they came from. (Oops. Just realized I wrote Air Freshers instead of Air Fresheners. I will correct that). It's funny but I am notorious for keeping closet doors closed but I have kept this door open for the last couple of days. One, to admire all my hard work. Two, to remind me to get the wooden shelves made. And three, to push me to keep tackling those chores I have been avoiding.

When cleaning out the closet, I came across two items we had bought a couple of years ago to help organize our photos. I plan on using them in the near future but that is for another post!

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