Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pier One Love . . .

Ok, so normally, Pier 1 is not my go to store. I like it, and have shopped there, but it's not in my Top 5, if Top 10.  However, I was wandering through the other day, killing time during soccer practice, and I saw that they have outdoor cushions and I started paying more attention.

Hello, I have been looking for some fun cushions for my bar stools to add a pop, or lots of pops, of color to my downstairs patio area, by the pool.

Just as a reminder, this is what our deck looks like.
Now also bear in mind, I was going to go for a classy look but with my husband's outdoor "man cave" looking like this . . .

beer signs and beat up license plates and  . . .
(ignore the paint job on the front of the bar, that is going to be fixed!)
a Hogbreath's sign and a "Beware of Pickpockets and Loose Woman",
classy was never going to happen down here.
Let's go for fun and festive!
What do you think?
I think this may be a winner. I love all the colors, it blends
beautifully with the decking and pulls the blue from the pool tiles.
Is this a winner?
Now, remember my "more is more" mantra, I could NEVER in a million years, have non-matching pillows. In fact, as of right now, all I have left are faded Restoration Hardware (yes, RH, your fancy-dancy outdoor pillows fade - major FAIL!) pillows with a pale green coloring. SO, let's get some new ones to match my "really want" new bar stool cushions!

The have fun matching pillows -
(I really need want 2 of these for around the fire pit)

- basic stripes -
(I really need want 2 of these for the other chairs by the firepit)

- really fun stripes -
(I really need want 2 of these for the chairs by the bar/overhang)

 - must have lumbar support -
(I really need want 2 of these for the chaise lounges)
With all that being said dreamed, I decided to dream even bigger! Why not replace E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.?
Aren't these adorable melamine plates?
Plates are important but wine goblets are THE. MOST. IMPORTANT!
Did I mention these are stackable?

These sippers are fun for the little kids or the big kids with frozen drinks.
I really wish there was a way to register as an old-married-couple and be able to get new things. Did I tell you that I added all this up, plus some matching serving platters (mine have faded or been stained from meals of years ago, honestly though, I have had this stuff for the past 9 years!!) and the total was over $750!?! Not gonna happen! Anyone have a coupon I can have? In the past, when I order large ticket items at Pottery Barn, I have bought coupons off of eBay but right now, the best I can find for Pier 1 is 20% off total, which is good but that is still too much to spend. Mama needs a BIG sale!

P.S. I did eliminate a bunch of stuff and got the total to $371 before 20% off coupon (which I totally would buy). Did I mention I would qualify for free S&H???? Did I also mention that they have two pieces of furniture that I think might work great in my foyer?

This is one of them. I like the gold accents and studs.
Heera Cabinet
The other cabinet is a bit more primitive looking
and for some reason they don't have it on-line.
Guess I need to run by Pier 1 and take a photo.

You are killing me Pier 1! Well, enough dreaming for now. I am off to pack for our Girl Scout trip this weekend but that is for another post!

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