Thursday, April 4, 2013

Backyard Progress?

Ok, so I have shared with you all the fun I have had painting the pool deck, remember that?? Well I am so sad to report that is all that has been done in the backyard, no new improvements *sigh* but I do have projects being planned out.

The first being, me touching up repainting all the patio furniture. Now I thought I could just touch it up but the touch up paint containers you get with your furniture, have all withered up and died. I tried a couple different types/colors of paint and decided this one worked the best.

I only had one can of this paint as I was testing them out and was bummed to know it only covered about three chairs. Yawza! We picked up 12 more and I will be painting furniture next week. Hopefully it goes fast well!!

Missing paint and just a little but enough to annoy me.

I am also on the hunt for new cushions for the bar stools. You can see they are just a beige here. Last year, we splurged and bought new deep seat cushions for all the chairs and left the barstools alone. We went with a basic beige and figured we could spice it up with some fun pillows and accents.  Here are a couple choices I am thinking about - you like?

These are the front runners but no love here yet. I have orange and off-white striped outdoor curtains I am going to hang so something to go with them but afraid I am going too monochromatic. I like the green and it would definitely add some great color but then I would need to find a green, orange and burnt red fabric for pillows and that would tie everything together?? I am super lucky this is my major concern today!!

I also had the lawn guy come give me a quote for all new mulch, some additional sod and trimming of the trees. All quotes were super reasonable so just waiting for the tax man to send us back some money! Fingers crossed! And yes, we have lawn guys. I fired the last one (my hubby!). 

So, my daughter is planning a backyard birthday party in the middle of April so I guess I better get my act together and finish it up, but that is for another post!

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