Sunday, April 21, 2013

First High School Party . . .

Ok, so last night we hosted our first high school party for my daughter and her friends. We got a little apprehensive about the party as we had heard rumors about kids coming "to party" (and not in the innocent way) and we were not really equipped for that. Not sure how to proceed, I spoke to my mom and a good family friend (both having raised three girls) to get advice (thank you ladies!). Hubby wanted to cancel the party (he's a lawyer so that explains a lot). I had to fight him hard but we decided to have a Come to Jesus talk with our daughter. We explained that we would not hesitate to check backpacks or cups for any signs of alcohol and that we would make "unannounced" trips through the party to check on everyone. Her job was to spread the word that parents would be very visible and on High Alert. Needless to say, everything went off fine. The kids got rowdy (90% ended up in the pool even though it was cold and it was not a pool party!) but everyone behaved age appropriate (boys will be boys) and no laws were broken! Thank God!

So with that being said, I wanted to share a little bit about our party decor. My daughter wanted no decorations or food other than chips and sodas. She swears no one eats and she did not want it looking "all pretty" like we normally do. She did want it to be a neon party and wanted black lights and glow necklaces for everyone.

Me being me, wanted a bit more so I talked her into letting me make some glow stick decs.

Found these at Wal-Mart.
They were in a section where everything was marked .97
but their bin had no label. I bought them all thinking
that was a good deal but they were $2.97 a bag,
still not a deal breaker though.
This is how they looked.
We decided to use the lanyard they provided to hang them.
Once it was dark, you wouldn't see the string anyhow.

I did add some more colorful bowls and glow sticks
laying around the table. I was going to break them open
and pour the liquid out but decided not to because of the food.

Once it turned dark, the kids had fun breaking the glow sticks so
they would light up the night. It was a nice touch and looked festive.
I didn't get any pictures of the party (promised my daughter I wouldn't) but the kids all had a great time.  I will say, my daughter was right in that the 40 kids who came to the party, hardly touched the chips but they did eat the 9 pizzas we ended up buying (mom was right!).  Best part about the party, when I got up this morning, my daughter and her friends who spent the night, were already up and cleaned up ALL the mess downstairs. 

I am super proud of my daughter and her friends and would like to add that she didn't want any presents from her fellow party goers, all she asked for was donations to the Relay for Life and she collected over $200!! 

I guess we can count this party as officially over. I am off to sit by the water and read and hope the cabana boy my hubby brings me an adult beverage. Time to relax and get ready for another SUPER busy week but that's for another post!

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  1. I love the glow sticks-smart idea! I'm glad a good time was had by all!