Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pier 1 - Literally - In The House . . .

Ok, so I imagine by now, you might be sick of me talking and blogging about Pier 1 but sorry folks, that's what's on my mind these days (I know, sad!). So I ran with my little coupons (I had the on-line one for 25% off all dinnerware and a 20% off 1 single item) to my local Pier 1 yesterday and could have had a field day! Here's what I got SO FAR . . . 

This is the pillow I really like and think I will keep
and get a couple more.
This is the pillow my oldest likes and wants me to keep.
This is both pillows together and I think the colors work
together, but not the pillows.
Thinking I could get 2 of each and put on separate chairs
in separate areas of the patio and still look great.
This is going to be the chaise lounge pillow.
I agree with my oldest that I don't love the
purple in the stripes but I can live with it.
Kudos Pier 1, this outdoor pillow is crazy soft!
Usually the outdoor fabric is rough and not cozy.
My little stash.
In the spirit of using only cash and trying to be good, I bought 4 dinner plates and bowls and a set of the stackable wine glasses, in addition to the 3 pillows. My plan is to buy a few more every time I get a coupon or they go on sale.

I so wish I could use all my goodies this weekend and chill by the pool but I have got big plans instead. I am taking 14 girls and 6 adults to Savannah, Georgia, for Girl Scouts so I will share with you all our fun, but that is for another post!

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