Monday, April 22, 2013

Father's Day Flashback . . .

Ok, so I went to pull up the blog post I wrote about our Father's Day project/gift last year and apparently I never blogged about it - maybe, just maybe, that was because we JUST finished it this weekend. Yes, I know that is sad and pathetic but alas, it is done.

My hubby has always wanted a sign that has arrows that point every which way to some of our favorite destinations so I figured we could make that for him easily. My Go-To-Guy (GTG) had rough cut a bunch of different size and shape arrows (exactly what we wanted) using leftover wood we had from previous projects. This is something I could have done but he was already at the house working on another project so he said he would do it.

The girls painted the arrows solid colors on both sides to start. 

My youngest after breathing too many paint fumes!
Getting a little silly!
The girls painted them with paints I already had -
yes, you read that right.
I like color and I am not afraid to say it!
Presenting to daddy on Father's Day morning.

With all the beautifully painted signs.
TAAAAA-DAAAAA. Finally the finished product.
We had a major debate if we wanted to be accurate and
have the arrows point in the right direction (before we painted).
We decided NO, too much thinking and honestly,
almost all the destinations are south or east.
(NOTE: the mileage amounts are correct according to my kids.)

I bought a fence post at Home Depot and a pretty finial and just stained them. We did polyurethane the arrows before mounting them to help with weathering. We found it easier to nail the arrows in while the post was up. We had extra arrows cut so we can easily add any new and exciting destinations. This was a super inexpensive project and we think it adds great color to our backyard, as well as, reminding of us great memories.

Wonder what we will do for Father's Day this year? That will be for another post (probably in November!).

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  1. I love it and am so glad to see it finally done-if you had just waited a few weeks (and Rich's memory was as bad as mine), it could have been this year's gift as well!!