Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Starting to Feel Crafty . .

Ok, so I have been going on, and on, and on, and on, about my play room that is S.L.O.W.L.Y. turning into a craft room.

I have shared the paint job with you (love the color) -

I have shared my makeovers (love the outcome) -

I have shared the items I created for this room (love the look) -

And don't forget my awesome ribbon holders (love that the ribbon is viewable and accessible) -

But I have yet to share with you the B-A-N-E of my existence, the stairwell leading to the craft room -

And now you know why!
Doesn't the aesthetics of it make you want to run and curl up in a fetal position? I have on more than one occasion.  In fact, my large workspace has me looking at those stairs, not feeling so craft now! So I started high and worked my way down the walls.

I painted all the walls. I used the same color paint I am using in the living and dining rooms (look at me saving money and use existing paint!). I think it warms it up just enough but still goes nicely with the blue grey of the room. After it dried, I pulled out all the frames I had bought at Ikea this past March (yes, you read that right, I said March. I know it is 6 months ago but please, can't we just let it go?). I just love Ikea and can spend all day in there. Heck, they way they design it, it's almost impossible NOT to  spend the whole day there. You get "stuck" in their floor patterns and have to follow the arrows, not many shortcuts to be had - and those of you who have been there, know exactly what I am talking about! So I bought these really inexpensive, but actually quite nice, frames to fill with some of the girls favorite artwork.

Here's the grand reveal -

I think the finished product looks great! I might buy a couple more frames to fill some gaps but I think I accomplished what I set out to do. The girls are really proud to have the artwork on display and we had fun going through their keepsake boxes for them to pick their favorites. 

Also, if you notice on the right side of the photo, I have a bulletin board strip. Actually, I have four of them going up the stairwell. These I use for all the other art the girls bring home or seasonal art I have stored away. I also hang the selective pieces made by a then very young artist named Kristin! Can't believe the paper has disintegrated!

So I am thrilled with the overall outcome and love seeing all the great colors made by those little hands! Now I have to tackle the stairs themselves but that is for another post!

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  1. I love the colorful new entry to "our room". Looking forward to seeing it in person!