Sunday, September 2, 2012

Election Time . . .

Ok, so my oldest daughter, a freshman in high school, decided to run for student government. She was originally going to run for Vice President of the freshman class, but once she realized she would be running against several of her friends, decided to switch to class representative.

They only had several days to campaign and so we ran to the store to buy some poster boards. While there, we saw these black pencils and got an idea -

We thought we could put tags on them and she could pass out to the freshmen in her classes. I mean seriously, who doesn't want the World's Best Pencil"?

So we came home and I grabbed my Avery Address Labels and ran them through the printer. We kept it simple and since her school colors are green, white and black, we (naturally) used a green font.

I then started wrapping the labels around the pencils. They looked great. We were excited and knew they would be a hit. Then, we noticed they started to unwrap, no matter how hard we pressed/rubbed/sat on them! So I grabbed some Scotch tape and taped up those bad boys. You couldn't notice the tape and it held everything in place. Problem solved!

I am not sure if it was my pencils or Caitlin's previous student government experience and outgoing personality that won the election, but she was chosen to represent her classmates. Mission accomplished! Should be a fun and busy year.

Now I am off to put together some scalloped potatoes for dinner tonight, but that's for another post!

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