Friday, September 7, 2012

Feeling Like Fall . . .

Ok, so a couple of weeks ago (yes, two weeks), I decided (with urging from my hubby) to put up our fall decorations. I know, it's early, but as I mentioned before I have a retail background so we always rush the holidays!

So I have decided to give you a little tour of what I did:

This is an old mold I bought at a local store several months ago. I love it!!
I added leaves (store bought because I do live in Florida),
small candles and even smaller pumpkins.
Notice my pretty leaves hanging from the chandelier?
I bought them at Hobby Lobby last year.
I would love to add some more for a bigger impact but remember -
no excess spending!

I might paint the pumpkins, the jury is still out on them.

I just L.O.V.E. these Pottery Barn cabinets. They hold so much stuff and are so fun to decorate. I still need to build the trough to go on the top and since I don't have the wood in my garage (I did clean the garage and didn't find what I need) so I plan on taking myself to Home Depot on Tuesday to buy the wood required.

This is a large lantern I bought at Home Goods at the beginning of the year.
I want to find a trunk or cool crate for it to sit on,
but haven't come across the right piece yet.
I just filled it with a few fall-colored candles and some small pumpkins
and leaves I already had. I would like more but since I don't really NEED them,
not gonna happen!
So this is one room. I will share the living room later but that is for another post!

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  1. I love it. My favorites are that old red box (you know where to send it when you tire of it-after all, I DID give you all of my Altoid containers), the pumpkin under the cloche and that wire basket with the bottles. Looks really good but I'll help the jury along-paint the pumpkins. It can even be orange-just a softer one!