Thursday, September 13, 2012

Closet Organization . . .

Ok, so a couple of months ago, I just got fed up with my master bedroom closet. Now I am lucky, in our bedroom there are actually 2 closets so I don't have to share with my hubby - bonus!

This is it kind of clean. As you know, I am a girl who likes a place for everything and everything in it's place . . .  at least in my head! I was annoyed with the way everything looked and was all messy. It didn't work for me. So I threw everything out of the closet and started over. I wanted to really organize my handbags and shoes. Using those shelves shown above did not really work. Items kept falling off the sides.

So I found these little gems at The Container Store and thought they would be perfect to hold my handbags. I had used something similar for my shoes a couple of months earlier.

Assembly was easy and only took minutes (which was a bonus).

I moved some pieces around in my closet and decided I liked the handbag organizer on this end. Kindly remember, if you want a blog that will show you how to use cereal boxes and duct tape to make a cute handbag holder, this is not the blog for you!!

Doesn't it look so much better? It also really protects the bags. It's actually 3 units but they come with pieces to stack them on each other. I then used a kit I already had and mounted the top one to the wall so they don't tip over. Clever, right?

I also wanted something to hold my costume jewelry. I always forget what I have and never use it so I decided to buy these little cubbies in Home Goods. I don't really like the fabric and hope to cover it some day . . .  some day way down the road!

I keep gold tone earrings in one, silver in the other, and gold and silver bracelets in a couple more. It does make things much quicker.

So here is the view on one end, miscellaneous items are kept in the brown cubbies. I actually have 2 cubbies open right now where I might put a special pair of shoes or something pretty, still TBD.

Again, for the time being, I just stuck some simple hooks on the wall and used them to hold my longer costume jewelry necklaces. Keeps them from getting tangles and allows me to easily see what I have.

This will work for me for the time being. On our Master To Do List (currently 3 pages long), I plan to redo the closets with dark wood cabinetry and build-in more items but that is down the road, a very, very long road and for a post in the far, far future!

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