Friday, September 14, 2012

Filling Blank Walls . . .

Ok, so as you can guess by now, I am one of those people who doesn't like a blank, white or beige wall. I like to fill the space with color,  pictures, artwork, you get the idea. In the past, I have even hung a grouping of empty painted frames (I loved them, my brother-in-law, not so much!).

So here are a couple of projects I am beginning to work on and haven't quite completed:

Project One -

Yes, I took these photos at Valentine's Day (sorry so dark). I know, so sad that it has taken me this long to actually make some progress! This is the entrance to our home. I plan to replace the doors (again . . .  someday) with beautiful wood and wrought iron but not on the top 10 things to be done at my house! So for the time being, my goal in the next couple of weeks is to paint the back of the doors black. That seems to be a new trend and definitely adds some drama to the space.

I used to love this tapestry, and to some degree, I still do but I have just gotten sick of it. It has been hanging in this spot for the past 8 years. Time to move on. The problem with our entrance is that it is very small but has very high ceilings.

Rich fell in love with some large, antique-reproduction maps of European cities. He found them on sale in the Frontgate catalog so we are going to hang them on the stairwell leading up to the main floor.

Here's the hall tree I have by the front door. Again, used to love it but getting tired of it and ready to update the space. It's an old door that someone turned into an umbrella stand and added a mirror with some hooks. I love the original green (peeling) paint and the door knob and hinges, but time for a new home. Not sure I will keep it in my house or just get rid of it. I have ben looking for a chunky, Mediterranean-looking chest of drawers to go here. I like to keep the car keys by the front door but don't want to see them. I have found 2 chests I really like but are about 3-6 inches too wide. This space only allows for a 34" wide (at THE most) piece to fit here so very difficult.

The view from the front doors looking up the first set of stairs.
A box of frames I plan on using to fill space on the walls and shelves!
Don't think I need to buy any new ones!!
Project Two -

These are drawings of the girls we commissioned on our first trip to Paris. I love them but this is not the right space for them, too much wall, not enough frame. I plan to use the larger frames I have downstairs to frame architectural photos we have taken of places we have visited. I want to stagger them up the wall and keep adding as we travel (hopefully) more.

So that's the list. I also made MAJOR progress in Olivia's room. Just one more minor sewing project and filling some frames and I will show you the grand reveal but that is for another post!

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