Sunday, January 8, 2012

Holy Happy New Year!!

In the words of my oldest daughter, "OMG!" For the life of me, I totally can't imagine where all the time went. When December started, I had the best intentions to post regularly. I had this whole 12 Days of Christmas thing planned in my head. Then from my previous post, you can see that quickly changed to the 10 Days of Christmas. Then I never posted again until today. In all fairness to myself, I was super busy and had house guests for about eight of those days but you know, excuses, excuses!

So here's my plan for the new year. I am going to be the quintessential everything! I plan on planning like nobody's business! I feel like I have good intentions, always the best, but 90% of the time, I let things fall through the cracks because I am too lazy, too unmotivated, too whatever! So every week, shooting for Sundays, I am going to put in writing, on this blog, my plans/goals for the week. I am talking about everything - organizing/cleaning the house, losing weight, planning the menus (my kids ALWAYS complain there is nothing to eat!), our travels, etc. . . You get the idea.

2012 has a very simple goal - MISSION ORGANIZATION! If I get organized, in many different ways, then my life, our house, everything, becomes easier to manage. Nothing pleases me more than when my husband asks for something and I know exactly where it is! Of course, during the holidays, things have been "shoved" and we moved some rooms around, and more things have been shoved, stuffed, and smushed out of the way!

So here's a few goals:

Organize ALL those photos!

Come up with some sort of organization
for all that technology!

A great way to deal with all the
transient items in our house.
So my plan is simple, each week, I will list a couple of items I would like to cross off my To Do list. These will cover all aspects of my life.

Here's this week's goals"
1. Stop drinking Coke Zero (or any soda) and switch to green tea. It's like that old saying goes, "quitting smoking is so easy, I have done it dozens of times." That holds true for me and my beloved Coke Zero. It's a special time for each day, twice a day, when I pop one open. I love to hear the fizz! I am currently out of my beloveds so I am going to start today with the green tea.

2. Plan our menu. One daughter has gone Vegetarian again so we will plan more veggie-based meals with meat only once or twice a week. We also plan to work more fish into the menu.

3. Blog 3 times.

4. Learn Excel for my on-line business, Start to gather end of the year documents.

5. Finish organizing my closet. I will post about this but don't have Befores.

6. Clean & organize the playroom-now-turned-craft room.

7. Register my daughter for high school!

That's my week - in addition to all the regular stay-at-home-motherly duties: waiting in car line for the carpool, dance classes, Girl Scouts, soccer registration, school volunteering, piano lessons, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning the house, meeting with sea wall/dock repairmen, paying bills, you get the idea. I imagine you all are just as busy as I am. So I will keep you updated on my progress, but that's for another post!


  1. Hey, Kristin! I am with you on the organizing, but I have yet to get past basic cleaning to actually organizing! I have found a green tea that I love but it's sweet, so I am trading diet Coke chemicals for sugar, which probably isn't going to be so great diet-wise or dentist-wise. It's Sweet Leaf Mint & Honey Green Tea. Mmmm!

  2. Good luck on all of that! I would be happy to just cross "take down Xmas decorations" off my list this week!!!!

  3. Hey B - That tea sounds great. I may have to try it. I am currently experiencing one heck of a headache, I think from the caffeine withdrawl! My house currently looks like a bomb went off but I am trying to tackle it one room at a time. Wish me well!

  4. Hey Mom - All our Christmas is down but nothing else is put up!! The house is a disaster! Normally I touch up paint on the walls and baseboards this time of year but not feeling motivated to do that. Hopefully will pull it all together soon. Sitting on the couch and looking at it does not make me want to get up and tackle it but also not relaxing!! Good luck!