Friday, December 16, 2011

The Art of the Shot . . .

Ok, so here's my second day of Christmas! 

I am not a great photographer but I do enjoy taking photos. Most importantly, I like taking photos of my girls and of course, taking the requisite photo for our annual Christmas card. Taking photos in the "ye olde days" was so much harder. Remember taking pictures with film?? Then you rush your film to the local photo shop and pray you got a good picture! If not, get another roll and start all over!! Nowadays, the "digital age", you can take hundreds of photos, load them onto the computer and delete the bad ones, email the good one to the photo shop and Voila! However, there are still bad photos but some are real funny! Last year, I decided to print out some of the bad ones and hang up for a fun and whimsical photo collage.

Here is the result! I ran a ribbon behind the frames and added a large bow on top. I think it came off looking great and  I always get a chuckle when I walk by it!

My girls started out cheesey!
We thought we would have them open their annual Christmas jammies.
They got a little too involved!
The girls are starting to get punchy!
Here's a winner!
So not every shot is a Kodak moment but I think this is really a fun, different and memorable way to remind us how much fun our Annual Christmas Photo Shoot is (well, not every year was, but I choose tonight, to look on the positive!)! So I'll touch base later, but that's for another post!

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