Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mission Organization . . .

Check out the great wall color and my new PB Teen duvet!
I love it, now if only I can see it!
Ok, so I have said that before, and I will KEEP saying it, until I believe it. I will chant this mantra morning, noon and night. This is THE year!! Life is SO much easier when the family, and the house, are organized. Unfortunately, I can't blame the house for it's disorganization, it's all on me (and the rest of my family, God love their disorganized little hearts!)!! That being said, I have spent countless hours (really I can't count but let's just say, I could have written the next Great American novel, removed every hair on my body with a tweezer - one-by-one, and counted the grains of sugar in our sugar bowl, with the number of hours I have spent on Pinterest! So, to make those hours count, I am using a lot of ideas I have pinned, to pull together my "From Playroom to Craft Room" makeover!

I have now painted the room (love the color!) but have loaded it with so much stuff, I need to clear it before I can continue.

This is the garage, yes, full of junk too!
To be fair on this, we have recently cleaned closets, redone
a couple rooms and I am a co-Chair for my daughter's
Winter Store this year at her elementary school, so I hit
all the stores after Christmas looking for bargains, and boy did I find them,
and filled the garage with all the goodies!!
Thank you Tar-jay for your 90% off! LOVE IT!
Sorry again for the dark photo but I am too embarrassed to open the garage door!

The bottom picture is SO me in a nutshell. I am such a more-is-more person. There is no arguing it, and definitely, no hiding it. I am going to make a bulletin board and a dry erase board for this room using frames. I have seen some great ideas on Pinterest. So what do I do, you ask? I can't decide exactly what size I would like in the frames, or the design, so I buy 3 different sizes, but I need 2 of them and don't want them to sell out of the one I like, so I therefore buy 6, 3 sets of 2!! Did you follow that logic? Half the time, I never return what I don't use and will either store for potentially future needs or find a home for it.  If you think this is nuts, you should meet my mom. She is the QUEEN of MORE-IS-MORE, so I do come by it honestly. If you want to see M-I-M  mom in all her glory (and this is one of the things we love about her the most), you should check out her blog at Decorating with Dodi. Then you will understand me a lot better.

Real quick, I am continuing for my goals for the week:
1. Exercise 3 times (last week's goal was twice and I did 3!)
2. Blog 3 times (only got in 2 last week - sorry!)
3. Try not to drink wine on school night's, just the weekends (don't need the calories)
4. Finish the year-end financials for Too Chic Gifts
5. Finish Valentine's decorations - I have them up but they need tweaking and I have a TON (remember I am a M-I-M person!) of frames that need filling.

So right now, I am sitting on my porch, overlooking the water, watching the dolphins play. There is a cool breeze, I just heard the wine cork pop and we are going to have some homemade Bruschetta, sharp Parmesan and Prosciutto as an antipasti. I made a Potato Corn Chowder (will share the recipe later) for dinner and the fresh loaf of bread is in the bread maker. Life is good! I won't think about the mess downstairs (even though I did clean up about 75% of the craft room this weekend). I will enjoy the afternoon with my family, appreciate all the hard work we did this weekend, and go to bed later tonight with dreams of organization downstairs, but that is for another post!


  1. Yikes! I am starting to feel good about my house just about now! I think I will relinquish the crown of MIM to you!

  2. I know! I am just a couple steps away from appearing on Hoarders!