Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just a Little Painting . . .

Ok, so I came up with my "Summer To Do" on my last post  (yes, 17 days ago) and yeah, I have some progress to report!!

First, I organized all my photos on-line!! Yeah me! It took about 2 days of dragging, deleting, and reorganizing folders to get it all together. I had photos from 2 different cameras, in two different programs, and wanted them in one location. I also had photos from a folder pulled together after my last computer crash. It's nice that they are now together, neatly organized, and now backed up. Technically, I can't cross this off my list . . .  yet . . . because it said to also organize all my photos currently just sitting in boxes (that will hopefully be done in the next couple of weeks) so as my mom always says, "stay tuned". (Note to future self: when making a To Do list, list jobs individually so I will feel more successful crossing them off - never double them up!)

Now onto my big news, and one that I can actually cross off the list, I painted the living room, all by myself!! Now normally, that's not big news but remember, I have 18' ceilings. 18 feet people! I used two different ladders, 2 different extension rods for the roller, my wonderful bendy paint brush and 7 gallons of paint.

Before reminder -

Drum roll please  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

I love the slight off-white color with the dark wood.
We decided to slowly renovate our home to have a Mediterranean-Spanish
flair but it takes a lot to make a 1987 contemporary
house an old-world home!
Wish us luck!!!
Plan on reworking the fireplace in the near future.
Doesn't it look nice with my pediment??

Eventually, we plan on replacing the Pergo floor with hardwood, removing the popcorn off the ceiling (professionals only please!) and adding a few beams up there (again, professionals) but that's down the road. For now, I just will paint the old baseboards a dark brown.

So cross this baby off. Tomorrow I am reorganizing under my kitchen sink (not fun or fancy but a major necessity!). (Note to future self: when making a To Do list, go back and list jobs that you might be doing the next day so you can feel more successful crossing them off !)

Off to read and relax and will think about the rest of my To Do list, but that is for another post!

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