Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Goals . . .

Ok, so my life is start to finally calm down a little. School is out (even though my oldest is currently in Driver's Ed, good luck Coach Blackwell!) so I came up with a list of things I want to accomplish this summer.

1. Paint living room and stairwell - just a note on this. We have 18'  ceilings so my goal is to paint as much as possible and then have professionals come in and do the "dirty" work. Hoping to start that ASAP.

2. Find table and chairs for outside. My GTG (go-to-guy) has not contacted me back (not sure what's up there) so alas, I am left to my own devices. I have been cruising the Internet and have not found anything I truly like (under $2,000) but thought this might work:
Ikea outdoor table and 6 chairs - $399
I like that the table can extend to sit more and I really like the color.
Now it doesn't have the trough in it that I was going to have GTG build for me, but I can either add one to the table top or maybe pull a board out if I kept the table always larger. 

We are even thinking of getting 2 table sets if we really like them. That is still to be determined.

3. Hang outside curtains - yes, I am talking about the ones I bought last summer. 

4. Make pillows for upstairs porch - yes, with the fabric I bought last spring (2012, not 2013!).

5. Paint upstairs porch table and all the chairs - so glad I waited until summer in Florida to start that project!

6. Debating whether to paint the outside walls on the porch - just make a decision!

7. Organize all photos - on-line and in all the boxes I have (have been putting this one off for YEARS!).

8. Finish craft room - need I say more!

9. Finish Liv's room - again, need I say more!

Do you sense a pattern here??

10. Paint the back of the front doors - leaning towards black or a fun color.

Dark photo and yes, it's old. Valentine's Day was put up
weeks ago! Ha, ha!!
11. Find doors for office.

Something to block all this loveliness!
Like this -

or this - 

or maybe with glass insets.
Still can't decide!

A girl can dream right? Maybe that will be my reward to myself if I manage to get all my other "chores" done!

My other plan is to have a week of Pinterest. Find Pins I have been wanting to try and take one and do it each day. 

Now, off to start my "summer"! But that's for another post!

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