Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dancing the Night Away - Part 2

Ok, so we left off with my loaded up car -

But before we could leave, I had to get my little one ready . . .

Her sister doing her hair.
Because we had to go early to set-up, Liv put her dress on at her friend's house. I thought they all looked cute (note the shoes!).

My baby is in the polka dot dress.
I have no idea but Liv's pose in this one made
me laugh so hard!!

Pretty girls!
The entrance to the dance -
looks delicious!

My friend B came over and we cut out the Candy Land men. 
Another friend of ours painted them.

After checking in, the kids came across a life-sized game 
of Candy Land. Instead of drawing cards,
the dad who made this game came up with a super-sized
die that the kids rolled to see what color they landed on.
This was a HUGE hit!

At the end of the game, the kids each got a piece of candy from
the Peppermint Forest.
Our party favors. We found these little gems at Sam's.
We added tooth brushes donated from a local dentist. 

Candies on the wall - we had them all over the place
to add color.
They look a little anti-climatic here but trust me,
they looked great! 
We had long garlands between the each of the openings.
We then dropped down large lantern candies
because we had them - SO. MANY. CANDIES! 

The gumdrops were lined up along the edge of the stage -
so cute!
Some A lot of the Epsom salts fell off but there were so
many layers of them, they still looked great.
The beautiful food display and live action shots to come, but that is for another post!

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  1. It looks fabulous-can't wait to see more!!