Friday, June 7, 2013

Candy Land Photo Booth . . .

Ok, well we had some really nice folks volunteer to take photos of the kids at our Candy Land photo booth. They came in with all the cameras and lights and set-up. Now remember the nice frame my friend B and I made?

We thought it looked great but apparently the photographers didn't think so. We just got our disks with all the photos and our frame barely makes the cut! On the other hand, our props were a hit!

All-in-all, the kids had a great time and had a blast in the photo booth (even without our frame!).

So I only have one last task to complete before I can officially retire the Candy Land party. Do I keep all the "candy" I made or do I just ditch it? On to another project (what to choose, what to choose?) but that will be for another post!

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