Wednesday, June 30, 2010

LOVE Having Girls . . .

So I mentioned in a previous post that my daughters, Caitlin and Olivia, were taking a cake decorating class They booked it about 2 months ago and were excited about it then but when the time rolled around, they were not so excited anymore. Since I was still working for the Census (last day tonight!), we hadn't had time to buy the $40 worth of supplies for the class. So on Friday, after an early shift at work, we run to Jo-Ann's. Of course when we get there, they are out of a couple of items. My oldest starts complaining about how they will be the only "freaks" without the right items and they will stand out like sore thumbs. Yes, I agree, she is extremely dramatic but remember, she is a Tween! I talk her down, we run to Publix to get some cake mixes (no time for real cake baking here!) and head home.

Saturday turns out to be one of those "perfect days"! We bake our cakes together and run to Michael's on the way to class to look for the missing items. Lucky for us, they have everything we need, plus we buy a few items we don't need, and we are off! I drop them at class, get them settled in and am off to shop a little (yeah for me!). I wander around Jo-Ann's buying a few things and decide to swing by the class to "peek" in to see how they are doing. I stand there for about 5 minutes without them even noticing me. I watch at the door while there are diligently listening to the instructor and then trying to replicate what she showed them to do. I catch Caitlin, my oldest, licking her finger and smiling big-time. My cue to leave.

I go do some more shopping at Home Goods and Barnes & Noble, spend WAY too much money, and then head back to get the girls. They won't let me come in the room until they cover their cakes. They are bouncing off the walls with excitement and sugar! We head home and time for the big reveal. They show me their cakes and they look amazing!! They are so proud and tell me all about the techniques they learned. Olivia is a little upset because her cake was jostled a little on the way home and kind of looks like she ran her tongue around the outer edge but she assures me that wasn't the case! We decide we don't need to eat two cakes so we cut each cake in half, so we can sample both girls cakes, and freeze the other two halves for company coming this weekend. Can't wait for dessert!

We head to the pool for some laps and fun time. My husband comes home from watching soccer with some friends and we swim for a couple of hours. Everyone gets along in the pool (extremely rare) and just laughing and having the best time. No one feels like cooking so we pick-up some Five Guys and Fries (delish!!) and watch a movie while a big storm hits. We are all safe and sound inside. We all go to bed with our bellies full of delicious fries and cake made with love and great memories running through our mind. Wish I could bottle this day!

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