Saturday, June 26, 2010

LOVE Holiday Decorating Except . . .

Alright, I am a BIG fan of holidays. I love to decorate but everything has to be just right in order for me to actually do the work. Decorating is a HUGE undertaking, at least in my house. Pretty much all pictures on shelves, decorations, candles, pillows, you name it, that are currently out for the season, go away! Lucky for me, my current home has a TON of storage. I say current because it is on the market but I will make sure the new place has lots too! I am a Material Girl and I am not afraid to admit it! So here's the perfect storm for me to get going: 1) Husband has to bring all the storage boxes upstairs to the main floor without complaining or dislocating anything! 2) I have to have a couple days of nothing else on my plate (always hard as any mom or woman knows!!) 3) The weather has to be right (why as a Floridian, I am NEVER in the mood to decorate for the 4th of July! Too friggin' hot! I would so much rather float in the pool with a good book and even better frozen drink!) 4) Has to be a holiday I really love which for me is Fall (yes, I know it is a season but I still decorate for it so it counts!), Halloween and Christmas. They are the big ones but they are also the ones I love the most! 5) Has to be the correct month. Usually in my house, Fall hits September. Halloween, October 1, and Christmas usually happens in November. For the past couple of years, we have taken a big vacation in November so since we are not home for Thanksgiving, we skip it and start putting up Christmas. That way when we get home from our vacation, we just need to buy the trees (yes again, more than one) and put them up!

So today is not really the perfect storm but since I am hosting a 4th of July party for family and friends and still working part-time for the Census (my last day is this Wednesday!), I need to get decs up today so we will just call it a tropical wave. Lucky for me, this holiday is pretty simple for me. I plan to redo the mantle since it is the focal piece, decorate by the front doors and add some glittery stars (got fantastic wooden stars with glitter on them in the $1 section of Target - dog ate one of my blue ones so I imagine she might be dropping some blue sparkly poop in the next day or two!!) and flags around the main rooms and that will pretty much be it. Most of the rest of the decorations will go outside for the party and those can't go out until next weekend because they will fade quicker than John Gosselin's current girlfriend!

Since I am new to blogging, I am far from being an expert but I am going to shoot some photos and post them, or try to, of the before and afters. Hopefully I will have them up by tomorrow. I do have to play mom today and take my girls to their cake decorating class at Jo-Ann's. While I was not happy to have to spend $40 on the supplies (and that's with them sharing most of them!) I am real happy about having 4 cakes to eat tonight!! Yummers! Monday will be here soon so I will start new then!! (see previous post for the joke) Off to put up some patriotic pride and go Team USA in today's World Cup match!

P.S. How do you like my clipart?? I am so proud to have figured that one out!!

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