Monday, July 19, 2010

I Sound Like a Broken Record . . .

Ok, so that analogy didn't go over well with my two girls. What's a record? That doesn't make any sense? Like a World Guinness Record? Mom, what are you talking about?? So my kids don't get that. In hindsight, I don't think anything will fill that void. We can't sound like scratched CDs or DVDs, they just freeze, not keep repeating themselves like a mom home with her kids on summer break.

Now bear in mind, I LOVE being a stay-at-home mom. It's the best part of my life however, we are now on Week 6 of summer vacation. I am trying REALLY hard to keep my house in shape (it is currently on the market and could be shown at any time). My kids are basically good but they are basically slobs at the same time.

Here is a sound bite of my typical day:
Me: Did you feed the dog?
Olivia: No.
Me (later): Did you feed the dog?
Olivia: Yes. (yeah, small victory)
Me: Where did you put the scoop?
Olivia: (no reply, just jumps off the couch and I hear her put the scoop back in the dog food.)

Me: Your purse in on the dining room table, can you please put it up?
Caitlin: (no reply)
Me: Did you hear me?
Caitlin (can't make out what she said).
Me (later walking by the dining room): Caitlin, your purse is still on the dining room table, I need you to put it away.
Caitlin: (no reply)
Caitlin (later - yelling): Mom? Where's my purse?

A broken record! I could give you many more examples but I imagine we all have them playing in our homes. My kids told me they were sick of me constantly repeating the same things - trust me kids, I am sick of having to say them!

We were all swimming in the pool on Saturday afternoon. We swam laps, had a frozen drink and were just hanging out in the pool. I went in to get some snacks and looked around the kitchen, it was clean. The girls had finished their lunches and put their plates AND cups in the dishwasher!! It was a major victory! I did a little dance, right there in the kitchen, to the sound of a broken record playing in my head!

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