Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fourth of July Just Around the Corner . . .

FINALLY!! Here are my 4th of July photos. As mentioned before, it is just TOO hot for me to get motivated to decorate, even if it is 76 degrees in the house so I just put up some seasonal touches.

If you notice, I do buy a lot of "multi-holiday" items. Meaning, I bought a red pitcher with white polka dots. Tie a blue ribbon on it and it is good to go for the 4th. Pink ribbon tells me it's Valentine's Day and of course one of my favorite colors, lime green, signals Christmas is approaching. When I store my holiday items, I actually keep out solid-color pieces so they are easily accessible for any and all holiday needs!

On my mantel, you can also see that I do the same with frames. I actually bought a handful of frames on a good sale at Jo-Ann's (love my sales!) that were solid red and blue. I added a scrapbooking embellishment to make it more festive. This time I actually filled the frames. I am notorious for putting frames up with the intention of filling but you know what they say about good intentions. In fact, my mother always jokes about the new members of my family (the model photos that come withe frames!)

So enjoy!

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