Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today is My Birthday, Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Naaa . . .

Yes, I am now 42-years-young! I always thought that was cheesy when someone said that but now that I am old (!!!) I might become one of THOSE people! These kind of days are a great day for self-reflection (figuratively speaking, definitely not literally - I don't want to look at all the wrinkles on my face and butt!). I realize that I am probably half-way through my life. The big question is, am I where I think I should be?? All the important pieces are in place - I have a husband who truly loves me (just brought me breakfast in bed), two kids who are really great (still sleeping, love them!), I get to travel and have seen some great places/sites (one of my great passions) and have many great friends and family. Few things to work on - lose weight (been carrying it around since my first born, who now is 12-years-young - UGH! I did it again!), would like to have more in savings (who doesn't??), and would like to be a better friend to my friends. Now, I am not mean to them (like those ladies - loosely used term - on The Housewives of NYC), I am just saying I am not good about calling just to talk or going out to lunch. I have certain people in my life who I want to make sure stay in my life and that would be a great goal to have - Call my friends to talk and have lunch while dieting and saving money!! LOL!!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to me! Off to lounge in the pool with a good book and later today, a good drink!

P.S. The photo is from my "younger" days (sans make-up), just testing to see if I can post pixs.

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